Cover for people with pre-existing medical conditions

It's just not that easy finding good quality cover at the right price, especially if you have a medical condition to declare. Columbus Direct provides an online quotation and medical screening process to help customers with pre-existing conditions to arrange for travel insurance cover. The Mediquote ExpertTM medical screening system covers over 250 medical conditions, many at no extra cost and, if we can cover your specific medical condition(s), you can get an online quote and buy your travel insurance in minutes.

Alternatively, you can always call one of our advisors to go through the medical screening process on 0800 083 9503 (Opening Hours: Mon- Fri 8am-8pm, Sat 9am-6pm, Sun 10am-4pm).

How does the system work?

1. Complete your trip details below and click "Show price". You will be presented with the different policy options and prices available to you. Select the one that suits your requirements and click the proceed button.

2. The next page is entitled 'Personal Details' and there are sections to complete for each person to be covered on the policy, starting with the 'Lead policy holder' and continuing to 'Other(s) insured.' In each section, below the words in red text which read 'Medical Condition/s Declared' there is an 'Add+' button. Click this button for each person that requires pre-existing medical conditions to be covered. (Please note that all pre-existing medical conditions must be declared, and we can only cover you if all of your conditions are accepted.)

3. Once clicked you will be taken to the Mediquote ExpertTM screening system where you will be guided through the medical screening process - you simply follow the instructions on your screen. Once you have finished declaring all pre-existing medical conditions, click "finish".

4. If your conditions have been accepted, you will see a tick, the condition name and the word 'Accepted' shown. If it is declined, you will see a cross, the condition name and the word 'Declined' showing under the person's name.

5. After completing your address and contact details, press Proceed. On the following page you will see the price to include cover for your medical conditions and also a price without medical conditions. If you're happy with the quote, you can then buy your travel insurance policy online.

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