What do I do if my property / passport / tickets is lost or stolen abroad?

Please refer to your policy schedule to see whether cover for Cash and Documents and Loss of Passport Expenses are included. Report your loss to the police and obtain a written police report.

If these are covered on your policy, and in the event that you lose cash or it is stolen, keep proof of how you coped financially after the loss (e.g. exchange/withdrawal slips, bank/card statements). You will also need to be able to provide evidence of the original cash withdrawal. Please see the full Policy Wording here for terms and conditions applicable to loss of cash and documents.

In the event you lose your passport or it is stolen, you may be covered for the cost of an emergency replacement passport, and any reasonable travel and accommodation expenses over and above the payment you would normally have made during your trip had the loss not occurred. Again, keep all extra receipts for the costs and refer to the full Policy Wording here for terms and conditions applicable.