We like plain speaking English. However, inevitably some jargon creeps in when we give you all the details on income insurance. Here's a guide to what we, and others, mean when we talk about this stuff.

Income insurance is the type of insurance that pays a proportion of your income, selected by you, in the event of accident, sickness or unemployment.

ASU - accident, sickness and unemployment.

AS - Accident & Sickness.

Claim Period - any separate period of time during which you are disabled or unemployed and receiving monthly benefit.

Certificate or Certificate Wording - the document which lays out the terms and conditions of (your) policy, available for download on the policy documents page.

Premium - means the amount you must pay for cover under the policy.

Monthly benefit - means the amount of cover you have selected as shown on your schedule. This amount can be up to £2,500 and must not exceed 60% of your gross monthly salary.

Schedule - the document accompanying the policy which confirms the Start Date, Waiting Period, and Monthly Benefit for which you have applied and been accepted for.

Permanent Employment - Employed on a contract that has no restrictions or limitations as to when it may end or on an annually renewable contract under which you have been with the same employer for at least 2 years or the contract has been renewed at least once.

Waiting Period - means the period shown in (your) Schedule during which (you) will need to be continuously unemployed, or Disabled before (you) are entitled to receive Monthly Benefit.

Unemployed / unemployment - There is a detailed description of the terms applying to unemployment in the policy wording, please refer to these.

Please consult the policy wording for a full explanation of any of these terms and their specific appliance to the Columbus Income Insurance policy. You may also find it helpful to check our Frequently Asked Questions on Income Insurance.