FCO Advice

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has daily updates of travel advice for countries around the world, with an A-Z search available and we recommend that you check this before you travel.

Columbus Direct supports the FCO's "Know Before You Go" campaign. The campaign was launched in 2001 to help Brits to stay safe and healthy abroad and to promote these key messages:

  • get adequate travel insurance
  • check the FCO’s country travel advice
  • research your destination – know the local laws and customs
  • visit your GP as soon as possible before travelling
  • check your passport is in good condition and valid and you have all necessary visas
  • make copies of important travel documents and/or store them online using a secure data storage site
  • tell someone where you are going and leave emergency contact details with them
  • take enough money and have access to emergency funds

Below you will find other useful guides and resources from the FCO:

Be safe on the slopes
In collaboration with the FCO, Columbus Direct produced a video .... [More]

Checklist for festival goers

British Foreign & Commonwealth Office has released a couple of essential checklists for festival goers (please click on the image to download/print the pdf version the checklists).

Winter Sports Festivals
Summer Festivals
FCO Winter List Image FCO Summer List Image

Videos by FCO

The FCO has also produced a number of informative (and humorous) videos that can be view on their youtube channel, here's our favourite one:


FCO advice on lost passport (and other travel documents)

Loosing your travel documents whilst on holiday can be a real nightmare. Every year British Consulates in the South of Europe have to deal with more than 6,000 cases of lost or stolen passports! Taking some simple precautions can prevent your holiday from being ruined. The following video by FCO provides useful guidelines on how to prevent your passports and other travel documents from being stolen (or lost).


Steps to take if you lose your passport

The following video is a good guide on what travellers should do in case they loose their passport in Spain. Even though this video is specific to Spain, the recommended steps to be taken in-case you loose your passport can generally be applied to any country. The following is a brief summary of the steps:

  1. Before going to the nearest British Consulates, you must first make out a police report.
  2. Make sure you have a passport size photo and enough money to pay for the travel documents
  3. Notify the British Embassy before comming in.


Finally if you have a policy with Columbus Direct, in the event you lose your passport or it is stolen, you may be covered for the cost of an emergency replacement passport, and any reasonable travel and accommodation expenses over and above the payment you would normally have made during your trip had the loss not occurred. Keep all extra receipts for the costs and refer to the full Policy Wording here for terms and conditions applicable.