Age limit of 85 on travel insurance

Travel insurance for the over 64's can be difficult to find, with many travel insurance providers not offering policies. At Columbus Direct we have an age limit of 85 on our single trip policies. Annual multi trip insurance is available to travellers aged up to 74. We offer a wide range of products and all can include cover for pre-existing medical conditions.

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Summary of over 64 travel insurance

Single trip travel insurance is available for travellers aged up to 85. Annual multi trip policies are available up to age 74. All our policies come with a range of sports and activities as standard, with options for an even wider range of more challenging activities. Ski and winter sports cover is available on all our policies for the over 65's.

  • Travel insurance from age 65 to 85
  • Annual multi trip cover available up to age 74
  • Cover for many pre-existing medical conditions available
  • USA and Canada cover available
  • Single trips of up to 365 days
  • Ski insurance and wintersports as an option


To see the cover available, and to see the price of over 64 travel insurance from Columbus Direct, fill out the details on the page above and click ‘show price’.

All benefits are subject to the terms, conditions, exclusions and limitations of the policy, all of which can be found in our policy wording. You can also view our Policy Summary document which includes a summary of the key features and significant exclusions and limitations of the policy, together with other useful information about your policy.

Click the link below to view the policy wording:

Policy Wording Policy Summary

Pre existing Medical conditions

If you want to cover pre-existing medical conditions, you will need to go through our medical screening process online or on the phone. Click here for more information about the medical screening process and contact details. If you want to know how much our single trip travel insurance costs, get a quote here.

*Price based on an individual aged 65-69 travelling to Europe for 1-3 days on Bronze cover.