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Buying winter sports travel insurance from Columbus Direct lets you ski or snowboard safe in the knowledge that you're covered if you have a medical emergency. With full medical assistance, including cover for helicopter rescue if required, you know you're properly insured on and off the piste. Get a quote today.

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We want to offer everyone insurance for their holidays...

...but, for anyone we can't help, we have partnered with If your age is not shown above please get a quote by clicking here or by calling 0844 887 0751

Summary of our winter sports travel insurance

Winter sports holidays carry an increased cost should things go wrong; you're dependent on the weather conditions, the quality of other skiers or snowboarders around you, and you're travelling with specialist equipment. Ski and snowboarding travel insurance from Columbus Direct can cover you for all of these risks, as well as the usual travel related perils that we all face.

  • Full medical assistance
  • Lift pass cover
  • Piste closure cover
  • Avalanche delay cover
  • Covers skiing and snowboarding
  • Maximum age of 85
  • Pre-existing medical cover available

 To see the cover available, and to see the price of winter sports travel insurance from Columbus Direct, fill out the details on the page above and click 'show price'

Description of all benefits and cover levels

If you go skiing, snowboarding or any other winter sports holiday, please have a look at our ski travel insurance. Apart from standard comprehensive travel insurance cover; these policies also cover you and your equipment on the slopes!

Apart from single-trip ski travel insurance, we also offer annual travel insurance policies with either 11 days or 24 days winter sports cover per year included.

These are the benefits offered by Columbus:

Comprehensive standard travel insurance cover

Our wintersports travel insurance policies include all standard travel insurance benefits that are included in single trip travel insurance policies.

Winter Sports Equipment: £400 - £1,000

Protecting your ski equipment from loss, theft or damage. Hired ski equipment is also covered.

Winter Sports Equipment Hire: £200 - £400

If your own or hired winter sports equipment has been stolen, damaged or has gone missing, we'll cover you to hire replacement ski equipment.

Winter Sports Pack: £300 - £500

If you can't make use of a lift pass or can't take you pre-booked ski lessons due to an accident or illness (or theft of the lift pass), we will offer you compensation.

Piste Closure: £200 - £400

If the pistes in your holiday resort are closed due to a lack of snow or bad weather conditions, we'll offer you compensation.

Avalanche Delay: £300 - £500

If you are delayed on your trip to or from you resort due to an avalanche we will pay reasonable additional travel and accommodation charges incurred.

UK Physiotherapy: £200 (Gold cover only)

Injuries sustained on the slopes may need further treatment in the UK, we will provide cover for physiotherapy when you are home.

Search and Rescue: £10,000 (optional)

In the event of you becoming lost or trapped and requiring the services of Search and Rescue, more details can be found here.

Some of these benefits offered by our trip travel insurance policies are subject to an excess: Cancellation, curtailment, medical expenses, baggage, loss of passport, missed departure, abandonment, valuables, cash and documents all have an excess applied. The value of the excess varies depending on the cover level purchased.

*Price based on an individual aged 18-49 travelling to Europe for 1-2 days on Bronze cover including winter sports.

All benefits are subject to the terms, conditions, exclusions and limitations of the policy, all of which can be found in our policy wording. You can also view our Policy Summary document which includes a summary of the key features and significant exclusions and limitations of the policy, together with other useful information about your policy. Click the link below to view the policy wording:

Policy Wording Policy Summary

If you want to know how much our single trip travel insurance costs, get a quote here.

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