Competition Closed

Christopher Columbus discovered America by accident in 1492 – he was aiming for the East Indies, apparently.

As we all know, getting off the beaten track is a wonderful thing, and we want to hear all about your accidental discoveries – the best entry will win an iPhone 6. As long as you ‘discovered’ it, it’s a legit entry, so it could be anything. A shortcut through London’s Square Mile, a bar in Sydney that serves the best and cheapest cocktails, or a stall in Marrakesh that sells the most amazing pottery. It could even be a secluded beach or a so-hip-it-hurts party that only the chosen few are invited to.

You can post your entry to our Facebook page here, or tweet us using the hashtag #WeLiveNow. You can even email us to tell us about your accidental discovery – we’re not fussy! We’d also love to see some pictures if you have them – they may increase your chances of winning…

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