It is never a bad thing to save money on your monthly outgoings. Particularly in this financial climate when people are starting to feel the pinch. Income insurance from Columbus was designed in the first-place to save people money on their cover, as well as being straight forward, easy and backed by our award winning customer service.

If you compare our premiums with those of high-street banks, building societies and insurance providers, we think that you will be pleasantly surprised. The table below provides an example of the type of savings you could make - every month & every year.

Looking at just accident & sickness Columbus could save you well over £200 per year compared to some high street providers:

ProviderRate per £100Monthly Premium per £1,000Annual PremiumSavings per monthSavings per year
Columbus Direct £2.20 £22.00 £264.00 - -
LV= £4.58 £45.80 £549.60 £23.80 £285.60
Nationwide £4.67 £46.70 £560.40 £24.70 £296.40
HSBC £4.17 £41.70 £500.40 £19.70 £236.40

Based on research conducted in October 2014 by Collinson Research.

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The rate quoted is for accident and sickness cover. Most of the other high-street suppliers, including those listed do not offer cover for unemployment, only for accident and sickness – only Columbus can offer you cover for unemployment too and a prices that could still save you money.

If your mobile phone network or cable television provider could save you over £20 a month, would you be interested to know how? All we say is get your own no-obligation quote to see how we compare, and then make your own mind up as to how much you could save with Columbus. You can get a quote online in just a couple of minutes, we promise, it’s quick and easy.

Columbus DirectRate per £100Monthly Premium per £1,000 cover
Accident & Sickness Only £2.20 £22.00
Unemployment Only £3.83 £38.30
Accident, Sickness & Unemployment Only £4.40 £44.00
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* Cover is only provided for stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue or any other mental or nervous disorder or any condition of a psycho-neurotic origin when you have been diagnosed by a registered Consultant Psychiatrist and continuously remain under their supervision.Back conditions are covered under the sickness section but not if they are a pre-existing condition.