Cruise ships are becoming ever more popular as a means to see the world and experience a bit of luxury.

Columbus Direct offer cruise cover as standard on all of our policies. In addition to our standard cover, you can also add protection against cruise specific risks to ensure you are thoroughly protected on your travels.

The romantic notion of conquering the seas, seeking adventure in every port and eating like royalty throughout your stay is appealing to more of us every year, regardless of our age. Sailing off into waters new may be an adventure, but it’s important that along with your glad rags, sun cream and favourite hat, you take the appropriate cruise holiday insurance with you, in case things don’t pan out quite as you expect them to.

If you’re flying out to pick up your cruise, an untimely delay could mean you arrive too late to board, we can help you to get to the next port so you can start enjoying yourself. An illness can disrupt your plans and make you miss out on excursions you’ve booked, with our additional cruise cover, we’ll make sure you’re not out of pocket.

Disembarking from your ship to go exploring the local attractions can be hugely rewarding, but can also invite the unexpected to occur. Your passport or wallet could get stolen, or you get knocked over by a moped and need emergency treatment. It’s times like these that you need someone to rely on; it’s when such events occur that we at Columbus can prove our worth.


All of our policies can be tailored to include the ‘Cruise’ bolt-on option, so you have the choice of selecting the right period of cover for you, be it Single Trip Travel Insurance or Annual Multi-Trip cover. The usual trimmings associated with our standard terms will be included, such as the following:

  • Baggage cover provided.
  • Cover can be offered up to the age of 85 for single trip policies.
  • We will insure up to the age of 74 for annual travel policies.
  • Emergency medical and repatriation provided.
  • Over 150 sports and activities included as standard.
  • Many other activities and sports can be agreed upon request.

All you need to do is follow the simple quotation process online, answering ‘yes’ to the question ‘Are you going to more than one country’? Then you need to select either ‘European Cruise’ or ‘World Cruise’ as your choice of destination. Tunisia, Morocco, Turkey and Egypt are all classified as European destinations. Israel is registered under the ‘World Cruise’ option. If you are cruising around the rugged shores of Britain, then you need to ring our call centre to arrange appropriate cover on 0800 068 0060, where our advisers will be waiting to help you.

So go ahead, sail off into the sunset with a cocktail in your hand, a warm breeze and a smile on your face. This is a time to enjoy the decadence of life on the sea and the tingle of anticipation as you drop anchor at a new port every morning. Let each day unfold, secure in the knowledge that we are tucked safely in your back pocket, just in case.

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