A golfing holiday is something that can be planned with relish, months in advance and looked forward to every day leading up to the big event. Just make sure you don’t overlook the need for Golf Travel Insurance as part of your wider travel insurance package, to protect both you and your golf clubs and other equipment.

Few things compare with the sound of the golf ball making contact with the sweet spot of the iron and the faint whistle as it soars through the air, normally followed by a methodical search for it in the sandiest bunker known to man. Alternatively of course, the ball can drop straight into the right hole with effortless grace! Either way, playing golf is a chance to bond with your family and friends, reminisce, unwind and enjoy the magnificent views. What is there not to like?

In a setting such as this, it is hard to believe that anything could go wrong. Unfortunately, life can often take an unexpected turn.  Are you prepared if something out of the ordinary happens to you? We don’t want you focusing on all the potential negatives that can happen on a golfing holiday, let us shoulder that responsibility so you can go out and enjoy yourself.

golfer playing golf with his equipment in a sunny day on a golf trip

Whether your whole holiday will be taken up looking down the fairway, or you’re simply planning one day of escape onto the green, make sure your travel insurance policy includes golf cover. Basic benefits with Columbus include the following:

  • We will provide you with up to £1,000 of cover for your golf equipment. Including your clubs, balls, bag, trolley, golf shoes and clothing.
  • We will provide you with cover for the cost of hiring golf equipment due to accidental loss, delay, theft or damage of your own kit.
  • We will award you up to £75 a day for loss of green fees.
  • There’s a £50 hole in one cover, per round, to help pay for that bar tab if you do manage to ace one on the par 3.

This isn’t just a policy that protects you when you’re practising your swing, we will also include cover for a further 150 sports and activities at no extra cost. You can elect to have up to £15 million in emergency medical expenses, not to mention baggage and cancellation cover. Adding golf cover to your travel insurance will set you back as little as £12 on a single trip and £18 on an annual multi-trip. Not only is it comprehensive, it’s also great value.

So swing into action - go and enjoy yourself. Be confident you’re not alone; we’re just a phone call away if you need us.




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