By Dale Western on 16 September 2015

Autumn's finally hit the UK, and if you're chasing the sun, here are some destinations that we recommend. 

The Canary Islands:

The Canary Islands, found just off the west coast of Africa, must have some of the happiest residents in the world; they've got high temperatures all year long and you're pretty much guaranteed to feel the heat all October.

The average tempertaure is 24°C during October in the Canary Islands, and you can expect seven hours of sunshine per day. Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura are all well-loved tourist hotspots, and because you'll be booking out of season, you'll be able to find a bargain. If you're looking to get away from all of the tourist traps, give La Gomera, La Palma and El Hierro a go. They've got some wonderful scenery and quiet resorts, so if you're looking for a couples' retreat, they may be more appropriate.

Gran Canaria

The Red Sea:

If you like your holidays pre-packaged and all-inclusive, book yourself in to one of the Red Sea resorts in Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh, Marsa Alam or Taba. These purpose-built havens for tourists offer unbeatable all-inclusive deals and all the entertainment you could possibly need - so if you want nothing more than to lie in the sun, eating and drinking, you're in luck.

However, there's more to this area than unlimited booze and lazy days. Don't forget to take a trip to the Red Sea and go snorkelling or scuba diving. The waters are lusciously clear and teeming with marine life.

The average October temperature is 27°C and you could enjoy up to ten hours of sun a day - scorchio!

Red Sea


With an average October temperature of 21°C and plenty of deals to be found, Cyprus is ideal for anyone seeking a week of relaxation. There are plenty of deals to be had at this time of year, so make sure that you shop around.

If you're planning a family holiday, head to Coral Bay in Paphos; it's quiet, safe, and kids can play in peace. The hotels here range from simple self-catering apartments to all-inclusive spas and golf complexes.

Here's the good news - if you hate flying or you have a young family, the flight's just under four and a half hours.



The flight's slightly longer (you're looking at around seven hours in the air), but there's no denying that Dubai is perfect in October; visiting any earlier in the year would be hugely uncomfortable due to the soaring temperatures. It's still roasting, though - expect October temperatures to hit 29°C every day, and you should be getting ten hours of sun.

Dubai has grown rapidly over the past few years and there's a good reason why it's known as a millionaires' playground. There's everything here you could possibly need to enjoy a luxurious break - golden beaches, crystal clear seas, every watersport you can think of and enough shops to melt your credit card. There are even theme parks and an indoor skiing slope - what more could you ask for?


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