Travel as much as you like each year with our Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

Grab a yearly policy and spread your travel wings! You can go on holiday as many times as you like, as long as each journey begins and ends in the UK, and is within your selected trip limit. The available trip limits are - 31, 45 or 60 days for our Annual Insurance, but if you’re planning a longer trip during the year, get in touch so we can discuss your options.

We at Columbus Direct do our best to provide you with cover that offers you great value for money, as well as excellent protection if the unexpected were to happen. We know a family holiday can be expensive and we’d like to do our bit to help by offering free cover for your children, when you take out our Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance policy.

Where Can I Travel With an Annual Policy?

If you’re venturing abroad more than once this year, it just so happens that we specialise in protecting those who want to live life to the full. Perhaps you’re heading to Europe, planning to visit your villa in Spain and sip cocktails by the pool, or maybe you’re intending to do more than one city break, taking in the culture and the fine foods of Paris and Barcelona, then visit the historic sites in Rome. You may even be just taking a week out to enjoy the fine British seaside - when you purchase an annual policy from us, you can explore as much as you like, safe in the knowledge that we’ll be there for you if you need us.

Which Destinations to choose

  Europe  Worldwide Worldwide with exclusion
Multi Trip Policy                       Include Europe plus trips to  Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco Anywhere in the World plus trips to Israel and Russia Anywhere in the World excluding USA, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean

young woman taking photo of skyscrapers travelling with annual travel insurance

So what can we offer you?

The plus side to our multi-trip policy is that it does exactly that. If you’re planning on taking more than one trip within the year to the same, or multiple destinations, you could save yourself some money by purchasing an annual travel insurance policy. Our yearly insurance packages come with a number of benefits:

  • Kids Go Free.
    Travelling with children? Kids under the age of 2 travel for free when you purchase your annual holiday insurance with us.
  • Cover for independent travel covered as standard.
    Families can travel independently if you purchase a Family Policy. This includes children if they’re aged 18-22 and in full-time education.
  • Annual travel insurance is available up to a maximum age of 74.
    Is there an age limit? Our annual cover is available up to, and including 74. Single trip cover is available from 75-85
  • Pre-existing medical conditions can be covered.
    You can add cover for Pre-Existing medical conditions, although in some instances medical screening may be required
  • There are a variety of different travel insurance policies to suit your specific requirements.
    If you’re travelling for longer than 60 consecutive days, you can take out backpacker insurance, or if you’re travelling for business you can add-on additional protection for your equipment or if you need to send a replacement employee.
  • Winter sports and ski insurance can be added.
    If your annual holiday usually involves snow, you can also add Winter Sports and Ski Insurance to your travel policy.
  • You'll be automatically covered for a wide selection of sports and activities through your standard policy.
    Like adventures? We add over 150 sports and activities to your travel insurance policy as standard for no extra cost.
  • You can select European or Worldwide coverage depending on your plans.
    Our annual multi-trip policies cover you whether you’re travelling to Europe or Worldwide (including or excluding the USA). Meaning you can travel to your heart’s content.
  • Cover for UK holidays included.
    If you’ve pre-booked accommodation in the UK for 2 nights or more, then your staycation is included too.

When should I start my Annual Multi-Trip policy?

Have you already paid for your next trip? With Annual Multi-Trip policies, your cover begins on your policy start date. So, if you’ve paid for your flights accommodation or excursions, we recommend starting your policy right away – to make sure you have cancellation cover in place should you need to cancel your trip (for example, if you fall ill). If you’re still not sure our travel insurance is right for you, don’t worry – because you’ll still have a 14 days cooling off period once you receive your policy documentation during which you can cancel your policy and receive a full refund, if you decide it’s not suitable* 

Does annual cover include travel within the UK?

Think of all the times you take trips within the UK – business trips, hen dos, the odd stay-cation.  It soon adds up – and most of us travel without a second thought to getting travel insurance to cover us. That’s where an annual policy with Columbus can help. Cover for UK trips is included with all our annual multi trip policies, provided you plan to stay at least two nights in pre-booked accommodation. So if you have to cancel going to that family wedding because of stomach bug, you won’t lose out on your non-refundable B&B.

When you travel

You might be hugely organised and have planned the year with lots of adventure ahead of you. Alternatively, you may be one of those who forget to arrange insurance in time for your trips abroad and need something that will be in place all year round. Either way this policy will work for you, and if travel insurance does fall to the back of your mind, we’ll remind you when the policy is due for renewal too. Irrespective of when you choose to travel, you’ll be covered. Leave the detail to us.


(1) Terms and Conditions apply

Terms and Conditions:

(1) Discounts do not apply to any additional medical conditions or policy options requiring an additional premium payment. 

* Cancellation cover is available with Silver and Gold Policy only

** All cover limits shown are up to the maximum benefit level (Gold Cover), and are per insured person

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