When it comes to winter sports,

such as skiing and snowboarding, there are a number of additional dangers not normally considered when holidaying abroad. For winter sports, weather conditions are paramount to your security. You’re reliant on other people being in control and negotiating the slopes safely. You may also be travelling with some very expensive, specialist equipment. The risk is greater; therefore the need for good quality winter sports travel insurance to cover all eventualities is paramount. We at Columbus Direct can offer you cover for all medical emergencies, including medical assistance on the slopes and helicopter rescue if required. Often, winter sports involve hurtling down the side of a mountain and tend to come with an element of danger, a risk that we at Columbus are willing to take on for you. Our winter sports insurance lets you ski or snowboard with confidence, knowing you’re covered if you do take a tumble on or off the slopes.  

winter sports

Some of the benefits include:

  • Full medical assistance
  • Lift pass cover
  • Piste closure cover
  • Avalanche delay cover
  • Protection for both skiing and snowboarding
  • Pre-existing medical cover is available
  • Winter sports equipment protected.

The above benefits are in addition to the standard, comprehensive travel insurance policy that forms part of this package. Other than the single trip winter sports cover, Columbus Direct also provides annual travel insurance with either 11 or 24 days winter sports cover per year available. This way, you would be protected for any other trips you decide to do within the period, without any additional costs to be incurred.

Winter sports can be so exhilarating and adrenaline fuelled with breath-taking views and the sheer whiteness of the slopes. It would be so much better traversing your way down the mountainside knowing you’re properly insured if the unexpected were to happen. The frustration caused by piste closure, or avalanche delay can be compensated for with Columbus Direct. There is even the option of Search and Rescue cover, for those wanting to wander off the beaten track.

The sheer choice of travel insurance available for winter sports, whether they be in Europe, America or Asia, is large enough to keep you entertained with a new sport almost every day – if you’re daring enough!

Tree branches decorated by the latest fall of snow, the taste of hot chocolate outside a lodge on the slopes and the excitement of carving your way through soft powder to the next chair lift. Yes, we can understand why so many of you go back, year after year. Why not take us with you next time?

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