Winter sports and Ski insurance FAQs


Equipment cover

  • Is my equipment covered if left unattended outside a restaurant or bar?

  • How much is my ski equipment covered for?

  • What happens if the airline loses my ski equipment?

  • If my kit’s been damaged, can Columbus help with the cost of hiring replacements?

Off piste

Skiing injuries

  • Am I covered for an airlift from the slopes if I am injured?

  • Am I covered if I injure someone whilst skiing?

  • I’m on a ski trip and have suffered an injury – what am I covered for?

  • I need physio after my ski injury – can Columbus help?

Why do I need a winter policy?

  • Why do I need a winter sports policy?

  • When should I purchase my ski policy?

What if I have already the European Health Insurance Card?

  • Does my EHIC cover me for winter sports in Europe?

Who is eligible for a winter policy?

  • Who is eligible for winter sports travel insurance?

  • What’s the maximum age Columbus Direct cover for skiing?

What is included?

  • What will I be covered for?

  • What winter sports are covered on my policy?

  • What’s the small print – is anything excluded?

Pistes closed and lifts out of order

Upgrading your winter policy

  • Can I add extra cover to my winter sports policy

Cover to see Northern Lights and Lapland

  • Do I need winter sports cover for a trip to see the Northern Lights?

  • Do we need winter sports cover for visiting Santa in Lapland?

Skiing travel tips

  • Where can I find travel tips for skiing and snowboarding?

Annual Winter Sport Policy

  • Can I buy an annual winter sports policy?

What if I already have a travel insurance?