Our Business Travel Extension can be added to any policy

If you are planning to travel abroad for work, then you will need to make sure that you have travel insurance in place so that you are protected for your trip.

Business travel often involves taking valuable equipment with you, including laptops and phones, as well as product samples and gadgets. Getting the right travel cover means that you can rest easy, knowing that you and your equipment will be properly insured.

When you travel for business it can become exhausting and fraught if things don’t go to plan. Columbus Direct recognise that for frequent business travellers, it is important to know where you stand and to have assurance that if things do go wrong, you’ll be covered. We’ve created a policy that is there to make coping with the unexpected just that little bit easier.

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Some of the benefits of our business travel insurance include:

Our Business Travel Extension adds to the benefits usually found on our standard policy. One of your most precious possessions when travelling abroad might be your laptop, your portable office. We’ve got it covered, along with any other necessary business equipment.

We’re determined to limit the inconvenience if the worst was to happen, ensuring that there are measures in place to mitigate any negative impact upon your business. What happens if you fall ill and can’t make a meeting in Madrid, scheduled for that day? If you’re insured with Columbus, we will provide cover for necessary additional travel and accommodation costs for a replacement employee to step in if you are no longer able to travel.

If you want a seamless transition from one work place to another during your travels and an assurance that both you and your equipment are covered, at Columbus we can make it happen. With a comprehensive insurance policy in place and the extra business cover that this plan offers, you can be on the move year-round, secure in the knowledge that you’re properly protected. Not having the proper travel insurance cover is one risk in business you don’t have to take. To add the Business Travel Extension to your policy simply select it from the optional extras on step 3 of the quote process.

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Why do I need business travel insurance?

Getting the Business Travel Extension gives you additional cover that provides protection for things like business equipment and a replacement employee if you are no longer able to travel or need to return home.

The cover is for additional travel and accommodation expenses for an employee to replace you. This includes if you face total disablement for a period of at least 72 hours, or if there is a death, injury, or illness of an immediate relative or business associate.

Your business equipment is covered if it is lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed. This policy also provides compensation to hire replacement equipment. This includes laptop computers and other accessories, as well as goods, samples or other articles.

You are also protected if your business money is lost or stolen while you are carrying it on your person or if it is taken from a locked safety deposit box.

What sort of travel cover can I get?

If you only need to get cover for one trip over the next year, then getting a single trip policy might be the cheaper option. This will cover you for the entirety of your journey until you return back to the UK.

Alternately you can get annual multi-trip insurance, which covers you every time that you travel abroad over a one year period, as long as it is within your chosen trip limit of either 31, 45 or 60 days each. This could be a cheaper way for you to stay covered throughout the year, as there would be no limit on the amount of business trips that you can go on.

Depending on your journey plans, you can also choose to get either Europe or Worldwide cover. If you intend to only travel within Europe, then it is likely the cheaper option, but for trips to countries like America and Canada you will need to have a worldwide policy for your cover to be valid.

If you are travelling with colleagues, you can also get a group travel insurance policy to include all of you, and then add the Business Travel Extension. This is available for both single trip and annual multi-trip policies and it could give you a cheaper option for cover if you have multiple people going on the trip.

If you are planning to take part in some activities during your trip, then there are many that are covered as part of the 150 sports and activities that are included for free in all Columbus Direct travel insurance policies. Some of the activities included are golf, bungee jumping*, and scuba diving up to 30 metres. If golf is part of your plans during the trip, you can also get additional golf holiday cover added to your policy, which gives your protection for your golf equipment if it is lost, damaged or stolen, as well as cover for hiring replacement equipment and for loss of green fees.

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Do I need to declare pre-existing medical conditions?

As with any other travel cover, you should let us know of any pre-existing medical conditions that you are aware of. Failing to declare the conditions could invalidate your cover, and you could be unprotected for any directly or indirectly related claims arising from the condition.

A pre-existing condition would be any condition where you have received any medication or attended for treatment, surgery, consultation or investigation within the last 12 months

Even if you are travelling for business purposes, it is still important that you let us know of any conditions, and we can then inform you whether we can include it in your cover. In some cases, you may be required to pay an additional premium to add the condition to your policy.

*No cover under the Personal Accident section




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