By Vicky Anscombe on 04 February 2015

As far as rows go, a holiday seems like the least-usual time to have one. Right?

Wrong, we're afraid. Despite the lack of work, copious amounts of sunshine and the absence of day-to-day stress, rows can still happen, we're afraid - and here are the top ten behaviours that trigger them while you're away.

1. Arriving at the airport late. Sorry, but the holiday doesn't officially start until you've checked in, so until you're safely at the airport, you've got to be on top of your game. The night before you leave, make sure the car's got plenty of petrol, do all of your windows and door security checks and triple-check that you've got your tickets, passports and travel insurance documents. Bad at getting up? Set an earlier alarm. Trust us; arriving late at the airport will make for a fractious exchange later on.

2. Overpacking. Is that a creaking seam we hear? Overpacking is a cardinal sin, especially when you're sharing a suitcase and one of you has taken space away from the other. Plus, lugging that beast of a suitcase around the resort, especially if there's no lift, will result in frayed tempers. Share nicely, children.

3. Mindless shopping in the airport. Get out of Boots! What are you doing? The one thing you don't need is another moisturiser! 

4. Below-par navigation. This is the time to be honest - if your strengths lie with driving, not map reading, speak out. If you have to navigate, remember to explain to your partner that you may need a little extra time to plot your route and if you're offered help in the form of a sat-nav, always, ALWAYS take it.

5. Getting sunburned. The tight, hot, painful sensation that sunburn brings is often accompanied by feelings of annoyance and frustration. If you're sunburned, apply aftersun, and take it easy. If your partner's rocking the lobster look, be kind to them and let them dictate what they'd like to do with the evening - maybe they'd just like to stay in the hotel room with their legs in the fridge. That's OK. You can always get a takeaway and retire to your balcony after dark.

6. Giving booze a bit too much airtime. Let's be straight - 'all inclusive' does not roughly translate as 'drink all the booze, all the time'. Here's what will happen - you'll be forever hungover and tetchy, you'll start to look bloated, and the bar staff will begin looking worried when you saunter over. Plus, you'll ruin all of the mornings if you can't get out of bed due to a raging hangover.

7. Flirting with inappropriate people. Maybe the waiter is sort of good-looking. Maybe the pool attendant is looking a bit saucy in those tiny shorts. By all means, sneak a cheeky peek if you know you can get away with it, but don't push your luck. Men - remember that topless sunbathing is so ladies can have an even tan and relax on the beach, and isn't a God-given excuse for you to ogle away all day.

8. Playing food roulette. Adventurous eating is all part of a holiday, but please take care if it looks a bit ropy. Trust your nose and your gut - do you think it's been lying in the sun all day? Is it likely to put you on your back for half the week? Your partner won't thank you if they have to babysit you while you deal with a nasty bout of food poisoning.

9. Being tight. If you find yourself going over budget, relax - just enjoy your holiday, and arrange your finances accordingly when you get home. Now is not the time to be frugal, and you know it.

10. Not remembering where the car is parked. You're sure you put the car park ticket into your trousers. Maybe you can do this by memory. It was the green zone, wasn't it? It's not like you're in a hurry to get home anyway.

Is this your first holiday as a couple? Here's some more excellent advice on how to avoid a row...

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