By Dale Western on 17 October 2014

Love stories always start off so well, don't they? You download Tinder or walk into the right bar, you meet someone, and it's all going swimmingly. You watch Moulin Rouge together and decide it's time for a minibreak. You drink prosecco on the Eurostar. What could possibly go wrong?

Fast-forward two days. You have a raging hangover and you last saw your (furious) partner somewhere in the Latin Quarter. They have the holiday funds. It starts to rain. You're not wearing any tights. Are you having fun yet?

That first holiday a couple takes can be make or break due to the very nature of holidays. There has been a flurry of reports recently that claim that holidays can lead to rows and break-ups due to expectations and the like, so here's how to avoid any unpleasantness.

Don't be the jealous type: So you caught your boyfriend oogling that model-type as she was frolicking in the pool? Big deal; you were fairly transfixed by that waiter last night. Your partner isn't being disrespectful, just human. Let it go. 

Don't be a skinflint: Holiday budgets are important, and we're not suggesting that you start bathing in champagne or buy a small island, but try to remember that it's only money. If it means you spend a little extra to have a great time, just go with it - your partner won't be happy if you end up staying in on the last night because you've 'exceeded the budget'.


Don't pile the pressure on: When things are going well, it's tempting to want to take things to the next level. Will they ask you to move in them? Will they tell you they've taken that job to be closer to you? Seriously, calm down. It's a week in Tenerife. Be cool.

Go easy on the booze: If you're the argumentative type after a few beers, watch your alcohol intake. By all means get a bit merry during dinner and then hit a club, but watch out if you cross the line between 'I'm having a great time' and 'I saw you looking at that guy and I'm not happy. Let's discuss that.'

Concentrate when giving directions: If you've been given a map and been told to navigate, do so - don't try to second guess where you're headed or get distracted by the scenery. If you're driving, there's nothing more irritating than someone shrieking "Go left. I mean right. Sorry. Left. Can you do a U-turn here? Look at that mountain!"

Woman driving

Avoid dinner drama: Unless you're a veggie, vegan or you're a fussy eater, don't pick a row about choosing where to eat. Maybe Mexican isn't your favourite cuisine. That's fine, but your partner seems to like it. You can always take turns and eat somewhere that you'd prefer tomorrow. Plus, don't argue about food. Food is great. Apart from plane food, which is just horrible.

The dash to the airport: There is nothing more likely to kill a good vibe than almost missing your flight. Double and triple check the time that you're supposed to head off and make sure you book a taxi that leaves you with plenty of time to check in, have a final drink in the departures lounge and relax. If you're unfamiliar with the public transport network, don't chance it on your last day. It will be a lasting source of regret.

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