How does a single trip travel policy work? 

If you are only planning to go to one holiday destination during the entire year, then selecting a single trip travel policy can often be the cheapest route to getting insured. Cover can last up to 365 days, making it suitable for whatever travel plans you have. It really is that simple.

At Columbus Direct, we offer a huge variety of products for you to choose from, ensuring you remain fully protected, regardless of your adventures. We can even offer cover online for pre-existing medical conditions and cover for travellers over 65, with an upper age limit of 85 on all our single trip travel insurance policies.

Other than providing great value cover, our main aim at Columbus Direct is to ensure you are properly protected when you jet away on your holidays. Our travel insurance for single trip holidays can take you to the mountains of Europe, plains of Africa or the cities of Asia. The world really is your oyster, so get booking and start exploring – who knows where it’ll take you…

young couple on the beach on covered holiday trip

Key benefits of our single trip insurance include:

  • Our policy can protect you from 1-365 days. Even if you only plan on having one trip, you can let your holiday last even longer.
  • Cover for up to £15 million provided for medical expenses. Including emergency medical treatment, repatriation and the services of a medical assistance company.
  • Insurance may be available if you have a pre-existing medical condition. Let us know if you or any other insured parties require additional cover, and we will do our best to accommodate.
  • We provide cover for up to 150 sports and activities free of charge. Let your hair down and try your hand at some of the sports and activities which may be on offer.
  • Your baggage will be insured for up to £2500, including your valuables and delayed baggage. Should your luggage or personal belongings become delayed, lost, stolen or damaged during your trip.
  • Optional – Winter sports, ski and snowboard cover can be included. Which includes a whole lot more than just ski and snowboarding!
  • Optional – Gadget cover can be added. Add extra cover for your mobile phone, tablet or laptop with up to £1,000 protection against theft, damage or loss while on your trip.
  • You can be eligible for single trip insurance up to the maximum age of 85. Be free to travel the world whether you’re young, or young at heart.

Your trip away needs to be special, something you will remember for all the right reasons. Let us take on the responsibility and risk associated with the unknown, so you don’t have to think about it.

We want to be your safety net when you go off on your travels, so it’s important there are no holes in your protection. With an extensive range of policies to choose from, make sure you select the cover that’s right for you. We’ve devised a simple process to help you do just that. If in doubt, just ask, that’s what we’re here for.


Terms and conditions apply:

Where discounts are offered they do not apply to Columbus Direct products purchased through third parties. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, discount or promotion.



Will I need extra cover for sports and activities?

All Columbus Direct policies include 150 sports and activities that are covered for free. This includes kayaking, scuba diving to 30 metres, snorkelling and zip-lining.

If you are looking to take part in sports not included in the list, you can also get our Adventure pack add-on that includes various other activities whether you’re looking to go camel trekking in Morocco, deep sea fishing in South Africa or kite surfing in Spain.

Holidaymakers planning to go skiing or snowboarding on their trip can add Winter Sports cover to their policy. This ensures that you have protection on or off-piste, including medical assistance, helicopter rescue, and cover for your ski equipment.

The list of what you can be covered for with Columbus Direct travel insurance is explained in our FAQ.

Do I need to mention any pre-existing medical conditions?

You will need to declare any pre-existing medical conditions that you have when buying any travel insurance cover, otherwise you will not be protected if anything connected to the condition arises while you are on holiday. This includes if you are waiting for tests, investigations or treatment for any medical condition.

If there is a change in health after taking out the policy but before your trip, then you should notify Customer Services so that it is covered. Otherwise you could see your claim be declined if it is related to the medical condition.

Our screening includes hundreds of medical conditions, and many of them are available at no extra cost.

Does it matter where I’m travelling to?

The destination of your trip can affect your policy, as there are three options that you can choose when booking your cover with us. The three options are Europe, Worldwide, and Worldwide excluding USA, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.

Both worldwide policies exclude travel to countries that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has advised against travelling to.

What are my other travel insurance options?

If you are planning to travel more than once within a one-year period, then you might save more money by getting annual multi-trip travel insurance. It can often work out cheaper and it also saves you from having to get a new policy each time that you travel.

The process works the same as applying for a single trip policy, except you choose a start date for the annual cover to begin, instead of choosing a specific time frame.

With the multi-trip cover you can go on an unlimited number of trips, for 31 days at a time with the Bronze cover, and 45 days each for the silver and gold policies.

You can also get a backpacker policy if you are looking for extended cover so that you can travel for more than 60 consecutive days. It is designed specifically for travellers looking to go on a backpacking adventure and fully explore the world around them. It includes cover for medical care and loss of baggage, while you also have protection if you plan to work while you are abroad, as long as machinery isn’t used.

*No cover under the Personal Liability section