Travel cover for those traveling more than 60 consecutive days

Our Backpacker Insurance, known as the Globetrotter policy, is an extended long stay single trip travel insurance plan, where you can opt to be away from home for up to 365 days. If you are looking to travel for more than 60 consecutive days, this policy could be the right fit for you, as it is designed specifically for those who want to embark on a mammoth adventure.

You’ll be covered for emergency medical care, loss of baggage and working abroad. If you want to get more out of your trip, there’s also a multitude of sports and activities included within our standard terms, at no extra cost. For a small supplement, more risky enterprises can also be covered.

Why do I need backpacker insurance cover? 

Travelling around the world can be an exciting experience, but you don’t want to get caught out without medical cover if you experience illness or injury during your trip abroad, as you could end up paying for your treatment.

Without adequate travel insurance, you could face high charges for medical treatment if you get sick or injured during your trip. Getting comprehensive cover can also ensure that you are protected if your belongings are lost, stolen or damaged.

Our policies include cover for 150 sports and activities, such as kayaking, kite surfing and scuba diving. This means that you can take part in many activities with the knowledge that you are protected. If you are an adrenaline-seeker and your planned events aren’t included, you can also get an adventure pack add-on that enables you to take part in even more activities.

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Some benefits from our Globetrotter policy include:

  • Worldwide cover
  • Policies for individuals, couples and families
  • Travel insurance cover for up to 1 year.
  • Cover for over 150 Sports and activities at no extra cost.
  • Backpack cover
  • Free airport lounge access if your flight is delayed for more than 1 hour

What about taking a gap year somewhere exciting? Perhaps Australia has crossed your mind, with the nightlife of Sydney, combined with the emptiness of the outback. There are opportunities to scale Ayers Rock, explore the Great Barrier Reef or catch the waves on Bondi Beach. Maybe you’re thinking of backpacking around South East Asia, immersing yourself in the sights and sounds of different cultures, visiting temples, partying on the beaches and enjoying elephant rides in the jungle. The possibilities are endless and they’re yours for the taking. Just make sure you’ve got the right protection in place when you do it, so you’re prepared if things go a little off plan. That’s the bit where we come in handy.

When should I get backpacker insurance?

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As with most policies, it is best to get your cover as soon as you have booked your trip, as this means that you will be covered for travel cancellation. Under the single trip and globetrotter policies, the cancellation part of the cover begins from the date that the policy documentation is issued. It then ends on the expiry date of your policy, or when you return home at the end of your trip, whichever happens first.

Having travel insurance in place gives you peace of mind ahead of your adventure, so it is worth getting it in place as soon as you have booked, so that you can keep it to the back of your mind unless you end up needing it.

Advice before you go backpacking

Backpacker standing on top of a hill looking out at the mountains and blue sky

Before heading off on your trip you should do thorough research of your planned destinations, so that you have a better idea of what to expect and what you might need to pack. If you’re travelling to warmer locations then packing a lot of sun cream and a water bottle is essential, while you’ll need a raincoat and a robust pair of shoes if you are travelling during rainy season.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office provides travel advice for hundreds of countries and territories so that travellers can make informed decisions about their plans. You should check local laws and entry requirements to ensure that you don’t get caught out once you arrive – having the wrong documents could lead to you being sent back home. This could include the need for visas and certain passport requirements, and in some cases, countries require you to have a valid travel insurance policy for your visit.

If you’re looking to save money during your trip, you can find cheaper meals by eating locally instead of visiting bigger restaurants. Many places also have amazing street food that give you a real taste of local cuisine while also saving you quite a bit of money. When it comes to visiting museums and other attractions, you can often get cheaper access if you book ahead or if you have a valid student ID, while there are also many attractions that have free entry. Our recent research of the cheapest cities to visit showed that Tokyo in Japan has over 5,800 free attractions, while Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia has 148 trips that are £25 or less.

If you are keen to earn some extra money while you are backpacking to keep your funds topped up, our globetrotter policy covers you for working abroad, provided it’s not manual labour and machinery isn’t used. This means that you could boost your spending money by working in a bar or restaurant, or working out in the sun as a fruit picker. The cover doesn’t include personal liability in the workplace, so it is worth checking the employer’s public liability cover.




Do I need to declare medical conditions when getting cover?

If you don’t declare pre-existing medical conditions when applying for your travel insurance policy, then you won’t be covered if you fall ill directly or indirectly because of your condition.

Conditions include any minor or severe ongoing medical needs, as well as any condition that has required medication, tablets, surgery, reviews, treatment or other investigations over the last 12 months.

We are often able to cover your conditions with no additional cost to you, but in some instances, you may be required to pay an additional premium. If we determine that we are unable to provide cover for your condition, then we won’t be able to offer you travel insurance.

You can inform us of many existing conditions when completing your online application for insurance, and our online quotation and medical screening will let you know if your conditions are accepted and whether you need to pay any additional premiums.

You should also keep us up-to-date if there are any changes to your health prior to starting your travels, as it would need to be added to your policy in order for it to be included in your cover.

If you would rather speak to one of our agents to go through the medical screening process, then you can call us on 0800 068 0060, where one of our advisers will take you through the process step by step. (Opening hours between 8am-8pm Mon- Fri, Sat 9am-6pm and Sun 10am-4pm).

What other types of cover are available?

If you are looking to travel somewhere for less than 60 days, then you might want to consider getting single trip travel cover. It has the same benefits as globetrotter cover but just protects you for shorter periods of travel.

If you plan to go on several trips over the next year, then the best option might be annual multi-trip insurance, as this ensures that you are covered for as many trips you want, providing that each individual trip is no longer than your policy’s maximum trip length.

If you are planning to go skiing or snowboarding during your trip, we also offer winter sports cover that you can add to your policy. This gives you protection in case something happens while you are out in the snow, including medical assistance and helicopter rescue. Your equipment is also covered if it gets lost, damaged or stolen, while you are protected for piste closures and avalanche delays.




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