free global wi-fi

You’ll be pleased to know that if you're facing a flight delay of one or more hours, your Columbus Direct policy gives you free access to a network of over 1,000 airport lounges worldwide*The 1,000 lounges are available across 120 countries. Wherever you’re stranded, there's almost certainly a lounge waiting.

An oasis of calm

A flight delay can make stress levels rise, especially if it’s eating into your much anticipated holiday, or whether you’re returning home and you need to pick the car up at a specified time before further costs are incurred. Columbus Direct take away an element of that stress in the unfortunate event that your flight is delayed for more than an hour. This allows you to escape the crowded, noisy departure terminals and relax before boarding in an airport VIP lounge. At the lounge you can help yourself to a range of light refreshments and drinks, kick-back in comfortable seating, log on to Wi-Fi and enjoy the wait.




How to register

Once you’ve purchased your Columbus Direct policy, a confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address which will contain all your insurance documents. Within this email, you’ll also find the details of how to register for Airport Lounge Access, in  case your flight is delayed.

How it works

If a delay of one hour or more is announced for your registered flight, we'll automatically send you a SMS message to inform you, and an email with a PDF file attached. There will be the same amount of PDF attachments as registered travel companions.

Within the PDF will be a unique LoungeKey barcode which will allow you, and your registered flight companions access into an available airport lounge*. You can enter the lounge when you like, so if you wanted to have a mooch around the duty-free first, you can forward each lounge voucher to members of your travelling party so they are able to access the lounge when they like, without you needing to be there.

Simply show your LoungeKey Barcode to a member of staff at a participating lounge and they'll scan your barcode to grant you access. The name on your LoungeKey barcode must exactly match the name which shows on your boarding pass. In the unlikely event that your voucher doesn’t work, or is invalid, please call our Customer Services team on 0800 068 0060 and they will be able to investigate this immediately for you.

For more information on our flight delay service, please see our FAQ’s page here, where we have complied a comprehensive list which will help you find the answers.

*Subject to availability.