insurance for scuba divers and water sports

Scuba Diving Travel Insurance

Up to 30 metres as standard

Make your holiday more adventurous

If you're planning a spot of scuba diving or snorkelling whilst on holiday, make sure you enjoy the experience with the knowledge that you are covered. Columbus covers over 150 sports and activities free on all our single trip and annual multi-trip policies including:

  • Scuba diving up to 30m
  • Snorkelling
  • Shark diving (cage only)(3)
  • And many other water sports

If that’s not enough, add our Adventure Pack from as little as £4.62(4) and you’ll receive cover for an additional 23 sports and activities such as:

  • Scuba diving between 30-40 metres
  • Kite surfing/boarding(5)
  • White water rafting(5)

That should be plenty to sink your teeth in to, giving you the opportunity to experience the thrills of new adventures, all the while knowing you’re covered. Who knows, you could find yourself booking a kite surfing holiday next time around, leaving the scuba diving as an activity you know you can fall back on if your new adventure doesn’t quite work out as you’d imagined.

Safety is priority and you should be aware of the dangers in your hands, and the dangers which lie beneath. If you choose to add on the aforementioned adventure pack to take your diving to the next level, you’ll be covered for scuba diving travel insurance to 40 metres if you hold the appropriate certification which allows you to descend further than in our standard policies.

Now you’re ready to dive, where are you heading? You’ll find something interesting to investigate in nearly every country, and with the world being 71% water, there’s a lot to be discovered! Just don’t forget to pick up your scuba diving holiday insurance before you go – better to be safe, than sorry.

You’ll receive award winning travel insurance that is quick and easy to buy. Tailor the cover to suit both your budget and your requirements, giving you peace of mind for your travels. It’s your world. Enjoy it!






 Terms and Conditions apply

(2) The policyholder can register both themselves and up to four additional travelling companions for Columbus Direct’s Airport Delay service. They will then be eligible to receive free airport lounge access in the event a delay of one or more hours is announced for your flight. Qualifying delays must be notified in a single announcement, not as a series of shorter delays. View terms and conditions here

(3) Cage diving only, no cover under the Personal Accident section

(4) Price based on 1 person traveling on bronze policy

(5) No cover under the Personal Liability section

Where cover for sports and activities is provided, it is on the basis that you are participating on a recreational and non-professional basis. Any participation in sports and activities is subject to your compliance with local laws and regulations and the use of recommended safety equipment (such as helmets, harness, knee and/or elbow pads).