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The Arctic V's training in Austria

By Vicky Anscombe

Earlier on this year, The Arctic V headed to Austria to get their training up to speed. Here's what they got up to...

Trip factfile:

Dates of the trip: January 4 - 8, 2015

Location and where they were staying: The gang were staying in a chalet which has sponsored them called The Apsley.

What was the point of the trip? This trip was all about cross-country team training, long days out on the snow and working as a team to improve. The group completed a 50km test to see roughly how long it would take, and how each member of the team would handle it.

How many members of The Arctic V were there? There was a full team line up, plus Olympic medallists Matthew Pinsent and Kelly Sotherton .

What training was completed in order to get ready for the ACR? The training involved long days with loads of skiing. The athletes managed to find the time to enjoy a bit of downhill skiing, because that's what they all love to do and what got them into The Arctic Circle Race in the first place. There were plenty of 6-7 hour sessions out on the cross-country skis to get used to the long days they would face in the Arctic.

What were the highs and lows of the trip? Max says: "I think we all realised that doing 50km is extremely hard. It certainly wasn't disagreeable, as we did it on a beautiful day, but it was extremely tough. I'm glad we did it though, and now we have a rough idea of what to expect."


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