By Emma Trill on 01 December 2017

While most people who go on winter sports holidays usually stick to the skiing and snowboarding, there’s plenty more out there for you to try when your legs become a bit weary. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the most fun alternatives for you to try out, and what’s more, they’re all included in our winter sports cover!

Air Boarding

Hop on board your very own inflatable sledge, and hurtle down the mountain face first! Suitable for everyone from skiers to non-skiers, you steer by shifting your weight left and right to experience a weightless flight across the snow. So give those legs a rest, and let gravity do the work!

Ice Cricket

“I don’t like cricket, oh no. I love it!” Ice cricket is cricket played on ice; it’s that simple. Swap the field for a frozen lake (or any icy surface for that matter), and play as many overs as you can! Started in St Moritz in 1988, a yearly international game is played, and now Estonia host the Ice Cricket World Championships. Have confidence in your balance and technique? Why not have a go

Kick Sledging

Does exactly what it says on the tin. Much like a scooter, but on the snow. Place one foot on the runner, and use the other to kick yourself along. The front can hold a passenger (whoever draws the short straw!) or your luggage/backpack to give your shoulders a rest. Many ski resorts offer kick sledging tours, so be sure to check out if it’s available before you travel

Ski Skimming

Usually available near the end of the ski season, resorts begin to dig out some snow to create a pond for you to *attempt* to skim over! So pop on a dodgy costume and try to make yourself as light as possible to skip over the water, or you could end up very cold and wet!

Snow Tubing

Not to be outdone by Air Boarding, Snow Tubing is more unpredictable! Jump on your ringo/donut/inflatable ring then spin and slide your way down the slope. Attach yourself to your friends or family members for an added thrill while you laugh at the adventure that is unfolding

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