By Emma Trill on 27 November 2017

It could be tempting to act early in booking your holiday on Black Friday, or you could try your luck on waiting until the January sales, but research conducted by Hopper shows that you could be better off by booking on what is being called “Travel Deal Tuesday”.

Hopper have found that sales spike on the first Tuesday following Thanksgiving, which can be put down to major discounts being offered by airlines as demands for travel die down over the holidays. While a lot of travellers may have already booked their winter holidays, some may not have even started planning! In 2015, air fare on ‘Travel Deal Tuesday’ spiked to 6 times more than the usual volume, and 2016 saw sales double compared to normal fare sales.*

There’s even more ways to save on your airfare though, for example, booking flights for a Sunday rather than a Friday can save you up to 13%. Flying off-peak is also an advantage (obviously) outside of school holidays, unsociable hours, etc. Be sure to make the most of the filters on offer on price comparison websites to find the times that suit you the best for the price you’re willing to pay.

Don’t forget your travel insurance

If you are planning on booking your winter holiday this week, then be sure to take advantage of our 24% off travel insurance policies until 23:59 tonight (27th Nov 2017). So whether you’re planning on taking a city break to a Christmas market, or are looking for some sun a bit further afield, we can help you enjoy total peace of mind whilst you are away

*Source: Hopper

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