By Daniel Mackrell on 30 December 2019

Skiing remains a popular holiday choice for tourists during the winter, and there are plenty of resorts to visit.

If you’re living in Europe, you don’t have to travel far to find a ski resort offering plenty of powder, as well as entertainment when you’re away from the snow. Switzerland, France, Austria and Italy all offer great opportunities for skiers of all levels.

We recently released our own guide of some of the best ski resorts in Europe, which you can use to determine where you should go if you are particularly keen to have access to more ski schools or après bars, or if you just want to know which resorts offer the most blue runs, or have the cheapest 1 day ski lift.

Skier moving through the snow in France

La Tania – France

La Tania resort is part of the Three Valleys ski area in France, and even though it is one of the smaller resorts, it is a great spot for families.

It offers a good variety of beginner and intermediate slopes, while more experienced skiers can still enjoy some of the more advanced routes.

The resort also offers some stunning views as well as bars and pubs for groups looking to enjoy some nightlife once they’ve finished skiing. Another benefit is the cheaper ski passes and flights, and there are also discounts for children and older travellers.

Skier on the snow in the US

Alta – United States

Part of the Wasatch Mountains in Utah, the Alta Ski Resort has established itself as a great spot for more experienced skiers.

Over 75% of the slopes at the resort in Salt Lake County are designed for intermediate and advanced skiers, and there is even a ban on snowboarding, so that all focus can go towards providing a top skiing experience.

It was originally designed by Alf Engen, who was an eight-time world ski jumping champion. It often attracts many top skiers from around the world, whilst also offering beginner slopes for people just starting to learn to ski, as well as family friendly spots too.

Among the three main ski areas there a mix of slopes for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. The Wildcat area is the most well-known in the Alta resort, with more trees and powder, making it a great spot for skiers looking for more challenging routes, although it isn’t suitable for beginners.

Skier moving through the snow in France

Flaine – France

Flaine resort is part of Grand Massif, which is one of the largest ski areas in the world. It is also the largest of the five resorts that make up the area.

It is so big that it is divided into two areas – Flaine Forum and Flaine Foret. There is regular heavy snowfall, and a lot of shade means that it stays fresher for longer.

If you’re travelling there to ski for the first time, there is the option of getting a beginner’s ski lift pass, which uses a point card system and could be a cheaper alternative when moving around the resort.

Skier on the snow in Austria

Lech – Austria

The Lech ski resort is part of the Ski Alberg region, and it is one of the snowiest parts of the country.

It is an ideal location for beginners, with plenty of slopes for people looking to step onto the snow for the first time. The ski area also has plenty of ski schools and private ski instructors, offering training depending on your own abilities and the type of skiing you want to do. Many of their schools also have good reputations for giving new skiers high level training.

The ski resort also has family friendly ski schools, as well as plenty of family restaurants and Terrain Park, which is specifically for young parents with young children.

Lech receives a lot of snowfall each year, making it an ideal location for skiers looking to enjoy a lot of powder on the mountains.

Skier moving through the snow in the mountains with trees in the background


Breckenridge – United States

In Colorado, skiers can find Breckenridge, which is the highest ski resort in America. It reaches a peak of 13,000 feet, and it is an ideal resort of experienced skiers.

There are only a few ski areas that are suitable for beginners, with many of the pistes offering an ideal setting for intermediate and advanced levels.

Breckenridge ski resort also offers plenty of bars and restaurants in the nearby village, while it also known for having several easy slopes for young children. There are also plenty of other activities away from the snow, including an indoor pool, climbing walls and other sports activities, making it a good location for families to spend their holiday.

Skiers can expect plenty of snow to enjoy, with around 25 feet of snowfall at the resort each year. Some of the slopes are shielded by trees, keeping the powder fresh, while you can expect some warmer weather during March and April. 

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