By Dale Western on 08 January 2015

Chemmy Alcott's skied all over the world, and there's not much she doesn't know about the subject, to be honest. But which resorts are her favourite?

Cortina, Italy: 

"One of my favourite places to ski is Cortina, in Italy - I think that the Italians have the perfect balance of passion for skiing, and fun, as well as the whole ethos of eating great food - it's just beautiful, and The Dolomites are an amazing place to ski.

Flaine, France: 

"I've got a special place in my heart for Flaine. Even though the town itself isn't very pretty, it's all about the skiing. It's a bowl shaped resort, so there are lots of different terrains to try - it's not quintessentially beautiful - it's no Val d'Isère - but it's all about the skiing, and less about the town. There's a lot of fun, rolly terrain, and you can challenge yourself on everything - there are great slopes for beginners, as well as experts. Hiking up in the morning, you also get a great view of Mont Blanc.

Verbier, Switzerland:

"On the other side of the spectrum, I always have a great time in Verbier. The skiing's really good, but the Après-ski's really good too - there are a lot of great restaurants, and I love the vibe. You tend to get some big, hardcore skiers there.

St Anton, Austria:

"I also really enjoy St. Anton - there's a lot of off-piste skiing there, so it's probably better for intermediate and expert skiers, and someone who wants an all-round holiday. It's kind of the Austrian version of Verbier because there are some big, big Après-ski places there too. There's a place there called the Krazy Kanguruh, where you have to ski down afterwards in order to get home. It's only a few hundred metres to get down, but after a busy night, you definitely see a good few yard sales on the way down!"

Banff, Canada:

"In terms of resorts, I really like Banff. We always go there to race at Lake Louise, and it's not like Europe - you don't get these huge, huge peaks - but it's just really fun terrain out there. It's really pretty, and that side of the world shouldn't be forgotten, as flights to the US and Canada are getting cheaper."

Image credit: The Arctic V

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