Get travel cover together for your next holiday

A group holiday, whether it’s with friends or family, is always an experience to remember. You can explore the world and create memories with the people you care about most.

Group travel insurance can be used to arrange cover for larger groups of travellers, ensuring that you all have the same level of protection without having to get individual policies. It can be useful if you are travelling with friends or extended family, or if you have a team business trip that you need cover for.

Columbus Direct offers group travel experience with the flexibility to tailor the cover to suit your needs. With a single trip policy you can get additional protection for winter sports, business travel and adventure sports.

If you are travelling in a group and looking to get travel insurance that will cover all of you, then here is everything that you need to know.

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What does group travel cover can include?

Group travel insurance from Columbus Direct has the same benefits as our standard policies for individuals, couples and families -

Why should I get group travel insurance?

A benefit of getting a policy together is that you’ll know that all of you will be protected if something unexpected were to happen during your trip. If one of you is no longer able to travel and you need to cancel your holiday, it could make it an easier process for all of you to make a claim.

You don’t have to be related to get group travel insurance, so you can get a policy together if you are travelling as friends or colleagues.

You can also get add-ons such as winter sports or business cover, which would give all of you protection if you are planning certain events and activities, or if you are all travelling for work.

When applying for group cover, consider that you will get quoted a combined price. If you have group members in different age bands or with medical conditions, these could attract higher premiums than for some of the individuals in a group. Agreeing on how the costs would be split between the group could become complicated as a result.

You should also check if anybody already has a valid travel insurance policy, which could possibly be through an existing family policy or insurance provided by a bank or employers. If they already have protection in place for the trip, then they wouldn’t need to be included on the group policy.

Does it matter where we're travelling to?

The destination that you are heading to for your holiday can affect the cost of your policy. If you are planning to travel within Europe, then you can get Europe cover. This includes countries like France, Spain and Iceland, as well as parts of Russia.

Worldwide policies are available for trips to countries like the USA, India and Mexico.




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Travelling in large numbers

If you are travelling abroad as part of a larger group, it can often make you feel safer. The UK government’s Travel Aware campaign advises that you should avoid getting separated from each other when travelling in a group, this is especially true when you are out at night or you are unfamiliar with the area.
However, you don’t have to do everything together during your trip, you might want different experiences from your holiday. You can do your own things and then meet up again in the evening. If you do decide to travel alone, make sure you let other people know where you are planning to go, and keep in touch via WhatsApp or Messenger throughout the day if possible.

As with any trip abroad, you should check the local laws ahead of your journey to ensure that you don’t mistakenly do anything that could get you into trouble. Researching the area that you’re staying in can also help you find the best restaurants and bars, as well as attractions to visit.

It is often worth booking activities and restaurants ahead of time when travelling in larger numbers, as it can sometimes be harder to find tables or get access to events. In some cases, travelling in larger groups can lead to cheaper tickets or accommodation during your visit.​

Can I get travel insurance for bigger groups?

If you are applying for travel cover online, you can do it for a maximum group size of eight people. If you wish to get cover for a group that has more than eight people, then you can enquire by getting in touch with us by calling on 0800 068 0060.





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