By Dale Western on 22 May 2015

Beyond flip flops and factor 30, take a look at our top five must-have items for your summer holiday this year. If you only pack one thing in your suitcase this summer, make sure it's one of these. And underwear. Please don't forget your underwear.

1) Fisheye smartphone lens

Treat yourself to a geeky gadget for your beloved smartphone and amaze your friends with your fabulous holiday snaps. Just don’t spend the whole time you're there on Instagram).

Fisheye lens

2) Eco-friendly beach bag

Packable bags save money and they can also help save the environment - no more wasteful plastic. Check out Envirosax, who also do a kids range and travel accessories, or crafty handmade alternatives on sites like Etsy.

Eco-friendly bag

3) Ostrich Pillow

Travel pillows go extreme with this totally immersive sleep experience. Trust us - you'll sleep like you've never slept before on a plane.

Ostrich Pillow

Get your own Ostrich Pillow here.

4) Customised luggage

Look amazingly well-travelled while making your luggage easier to spot on the carousel with some vintage style luggage stickers. Or why not add a cool luggage tag to make it easier to spot your stuff? Alternatively, re-purpose some vinyl wall stickers if you have a hard surface case, or unleash your inner Banksy with spray paint and stencils.

Penguin Classics Luggage Tags 300X295

Want to stand out? Paste Magazine have found 12 luggage labels which will appear to the discerning flier.

5) Point It translator

Forget the last minute emergency purchase of yet another phrasebook at the airport and avoid the awkward silence as you fumble for the right translation for 'does that contain horse?' on your iPhone app - there's only one language that transcends all borders, and that's pointing at stuff.

Just pack this cheap, lightweight paperback and point your way to universal understanding.

Point It: Traveller's Language Kit by Dieter Graf is available from Amazon and all good bookshops.

Point It

Image credits: Flickr, Facebook, Klearchos Kapoutsis and Kevin Hale

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