Policy Information

  • Who is eligible for this cover?

  • Who underwrites this income insurance policy?

  • What is this income insurance policy designed to do?

  • How long will I be covered for?

  • How much can I insure?

  • What is the cost of cover?

  • Can I cancel the policy?

  • Can I transfer my benefit under this policy to another person?

  • How do I pay for the policy?

Unemployment Cover

  • How long do I have to wait before this policy covers me for unemployment?

  • When can I claim if I am unemployed?

  • When can't I claim if I am unemployed?

  • Will this policy give me immediate cover for unemployment if I transfer from another insurer?

  • Will I be able to claim if I am in receipt of a payment in lieu of notice?

Accident & Sickness Cover

  • When can I claim if I am incapacitated?

  • Will the policy cover me if I have got a pre-existing medical condition?

  • Does this policy contain other exclusions?


  • How do I make a claim?

  • Can I make more than one claim?

Security & Complaints

  • What must I do if I need to complain?

  • Is my personal information safe?