Income and Mortgage Protection

Increasingly, all of us are encouraged to look after our own future. It seems less and less likely that we will be relying only on the government to take care of former certainties like our pensions and healthcare. It makes sense if you think about it. Who cares about your home, your family and your future prospects more than you do?

Columbus Income Insurance achieves this.

Whatever you are doing, no matter what your situation is, it would be threatened if you were to suffer a sudden disability, or an enforced period of unemployment.

Protecting your income against misfortune can help you maintain a quality of life, with payments that would make it easier to cope with the difficulties that can arise.

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Choose your level of protection

Columbus income insurance gives you the flexibility to tailor a policy (and premium) to your needs.

Firstly you can choose between full Accident, Sickness and Unemployment cover, or Unemployment alone, or even just Accident and Sickness protection. You can then decide how much benefit you would receive should your day-to-day life take a serious turn for the worse – with cover of up to £2,500 (or 60% of your gross income).

You then have the option to choose from 0, 30 or 60 days before you can claim, and also the option of being paid for 6 or 12 months – both of these enable you to lower the premium paid if you so wish to do so.

Should the worse happen the money you are paid via our plan can be used to cover mortgage payments, bills and services, insurances or memberships that are essential to maintain your quality of life.

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* Cover is only provided for stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue or any other mental or nervous disorder or any condition of a psycho-neurotic origin when you have been diagnosed by a registered Consultant Psychiatrist and continuously remain under their supervision.Back conditions are covered under the sickness section but not if they are a pre-existing condition.