dog selfie

The pout, the smoulder, the cheesy grin, Columbus the dog has seen them all! And it’s our pleasure to announce that the winner of our #MyDogSelfie competition is...

Finally, after scrolling through all the Twitter entries Columbus the dog has chosen his winner and a few of his favourite runners-up. But, as we delve into our top ten entries, we must remind ourselves of why we took part to begin with. Yes there have been plenty of funny faces, and I’m not talking about the dogs, but ultimately our goal was to raise awareness of how hardworking our UK dogs charities are, and WE DID IT!

Winner’s Name: Laura Simpson
Dog’s Name: ???
Charity’s Name: Dogs Trust

Well done to Laura Simpson, who have won £250 to of course spend on bones and squeaky toys. Our £750 donation is on its way to The Dogs Trust, where it will be spent on caring and re-homing loving dogs, as well as educating hundreds on the importance of animal welfare.

The top 2 charities that you guys tweeted are very special to us and the millions of dogs out there and here are some of the reasons why...

Dogs Trust

Dogs Trust is the largest dog welfare charity in the UK, caring for around 16,000 dogs a year with its widespread Rehoming Centres. They fund two ongoing projects, The Freedom Project and The Hope Project, which address the issues of domestic violence and homelessness. Dogs Trust has voiced their enthusiasm for welfare education and schools are just the beginning. They also train overseas charities so that animal welfare can improve and be sustained worldwide, what a pawsitively worthwhile charity!

Rescue Remedies

Rescue Remedies is a very small online charity that is run in South East England and only through the efforts of volunteers. A charity that began by saving dogs from council pounds is not too farfetched for us at all, it’s inspiring. We hope their heartfelt story continues to grow, and from the Twitter response we received it seems to have touched your barking mad hearts as well as ours.