Buying your policy

  • Where can I view my Policy Wording online?

  • What is the maximum age you cover on single trip or annual multi-trip policies?

  • Should I buy a couple policy, or insure both of us as individuals?

  • My children are aged over 18 – can I still buy a family policy?

  • What is an excess?

  • Can I waive or increase my policy excess?

  • When should I start my annual multi-trip policy?

  • Can my family travel separately on an annual multi-trip policy?

  • Are the policy benefits per person/per claim?

  • Can I cover a child to travel on their own policy?

  • Can I be covered if I no longer live in the UK?

  • Will I be covered for working abroad?

  • Does your policy cover camping holidays?

Emergency and Claims

  • How do I make a claim?

  • What do I need to do if a medical emergency happens abroad?

  • What do I do if my property / passport / tickets is lost or stolen abroad?

Your Policy Benefits

  • If I’m delayed, what is covered?

  • How much can I claim for any one item of baggage?

  • Can I add cover for a Laptop?

  • Do you cover Mobile Phones?

  • Can I remove baggage cover?

  • What is Scheduled Airline Failure Insurance?

  • If I had to cancel my trip, what would be covered?

  • Are Air Miles covered?

  • Are trips within the UK covered?

  • What is Volcanic Ash cover and Emergency Travel Arrangements cover?

  • If I am called for jury service will I be able to claim for my lost/delayed holiday?

Policy admin, lost docs, changes

  • What documents do I need to take on holiday with me?

  • Will I get my policy documents before I travel?

  • I’ve lost my documents – how can I obtain replacements?

  • Can I add sports and activities to my policy after purchase?

  • Can I declare a medical condition after purchase?

  • How do I cancel my policy?

  • What happens when my annual policy is due for renewal?

Medical Health

  • How do I add cover for a pre-existing medical condition online?

  • What am I covered for if my condition is declined?

  • I’m taking prescription medication abroad, will this be covered if it is lost or I run out?

  • Is pregnancy covered?

  • Is dental cover provided?

  • What is considered a pre-existing medical condition?

  • Am I covered for pre-existing medical conditions?

  • If I need to cancel a trip because someone on whom my trip depends is ill, am I covered?

  • Should I get an EHIC?

Winter sports cover, general sport and activities

  • How do I buy winter sports cover?

  • Is there a limit to the number of days I can ski?

  • Can I ski or snowboard off-piste?

  • What is ‘walking at high altitude’ and do I need to add it to my policy?

  • Is my sports gear (e.g. golf clubs, scuba equipment) covered?

  • Which sports are automatically covered by my policy?

  • How can I add cover for more sports and activities?

  • What’s covered on a winter sports policy?

  • Will I be covered to play in a tournament?


  • Do Egypt / Israel / Morocco / Russia fall under Europe?

  • Am I still covered if I’m travelling to more than one country?

  • Am I covered to go on a cruise?

  • Which countries are not covered?

  • Can I buy cover for a trip in the UK?

In the news

  • Will I be covered in the event of strikes or industrial action?

  • Will I be covered if my airline goes bust?

  • Will I be covered if my tour operator goes bust?

  • I’m travelling to Cuba, what travel insurance cover do I need?

  • What is covered in the event of a terrorist attack overseas?

  • Can I obtain cover for volcanic ash cloud disruptions?