One of the most well-connected ski areas in Scandinavia.

Skiers looking to experience the snow in Sweden won’t need to look much further than Åre, which is known for being one of the largest ski resorts in the area.  It provides a high number of lifts and slopes, with options for all ability levels. It was named the best ski resort in Sweden six years in a row by the World Ski Awards and it has become well-known for holding competitions that attracts competitors from around the world.

The ski area has held numerous world cup skiing events, and was the host of the FIS Alpine World Ski Championship in 2019.

Åre Resort

It is a lively area with lots of nightlife, while there are also plenty of spots that you can head to if you are looking for a more relaxed holiday. There is also a variety of restaurants and shops, and beginners and young children are spoilt for choice with a range of slopes suitable for new skiers.

The resort has been running for over 100 years and it is well connected to other ski areas in Scandinavia. With stunning views and slopes for all ability levels, it is an ideal location for a complete skiing experience.

Resort Statistics

Base: 390 meters
Summit: 1420 meters
No. of Pistes: 89
Total Piste: 192 km
Cross Country: 95 km
Total Lifts: 46
Gondolas/ Cable Cars: 4
Chairlifts: 7
Drag Lifts: 35

Piste Map

Are Piste Map Thumb

 Ski Areas & Slopes

Our quick guide will show you around the key ski areas around Åre, so you’ll know exactly where to head first once you arrive.

Åre By

Skiers can find slopes with various terrain at this ski area, which can be found near the centre of the resort. It also hosts night skiing at certain times during peak season.

Advanced: There are some black runs that providing some challenging steep slopes for more experienced skiers, while there are also freestyle parks.

Rodkullen / Björnen

Both areas have links to Åre By thanks to various slopes and lifts, and access between Rodkullen and Bjornen is provided by a free bus service.

Beginners: Bjornen is a fairly large area for new skiers to improve their skills, which is also a good spot for families as it provides a quieter space to ski. Rodkullen is also a great place to learn how to ski or snowboard, providing accessible slopes for both adults and children.

Duved / Tegefjäll

A popular spot for new skiers and those looking to take the next step[ and face more challenging slopes. It has a chair lift that runs through the main part of the area and has protection from the cold winds that can sometimes be felt at the resort.

Intermediate: There are 12km of intermediate slopes, offering a variety of above and under the tree line, depending on your preference.

Beginners: Around 8km of slopes are available for beginners There are also artificial snow machines to help keep the slopes well groomed.

Ski Holidays in Åre

Åre Ski Pass Prices

An adult ticket costs around £43 for one day during peak season, while you can expect a cost of around £38 during low season.

Children ski passes are around £34 for one day during peak season, and around £30 during low season.

There is also an offer on SkiStar which gives you access to the slopes in Are, Duved and Bjornen, which gives you eight days of skiing for a reduced price. It also includes a free ski bus that makes it easy to travel between different ski areas. Adult tickets are available for €210 for 18-64 year olds and €167.50 for seniors and children aged 7-17 years old.

There are also cheaper prices for seniors over 65 years old, and for teenagers up to 17 years old.

Ski Schools

There are a few different ski schools available at the resort that you can go to if you are looking to improve your ski skills.

Skiduthyrning offers private lessons for up to eight people, as well as options for corporate events and guided tours around the resort.

There is also Valles ski school which provides lessons for children, with sessions targeted at different age ranges and abilities.

Bengt-Martina also offer lessons that are suitable for children looking to ski or snowboard during their trip, while adult lessons are also available either in group classes or privately.

Equipment Hire

For many skiers, it is beneficial to book your equipment ahead of your trip so that you can just collect them as soon as you arrive, without having to decide what to get once you’re there.

Some stores also offer discounted prices if you pre-book your equipment before your holiday.

Some of the equipment hire stores at Are include Alpindepan, SkiStarshop Fjallbyn, and Skidcenter Are Bjornen.

Family Fun in Åre

Families have a lot to enjoy at the resort, with plenty of facilities to keep children entertained during their stay. This includes specific child-friendly areas, and adventure trails that are hosted by Valle the snowman – the resort’s mascot.

There is also a snowpark that is specially designed for kids to enjoy, as well as the Funslope, which is suitable for families in Rodkullen. There are also margic carpets, carousel, and adventure courses.

The resort also has ski kindergarten and childcare services, as well as skiing lessons for children.

When to Go?

Snow Report and weather

Temperatures in the mountains usually range from 0 to -12 degrees during the winter months, with a mix of cloudy and sunny days at the resort. Snowfall is fairly regular, helping to keep the powder fresh.

Operating times

The start of ski season in Are can vary depending on when the weather is good enough to offer the right conditions for skiing. This can usually be around mid-November or early December, and then it remains open until early May.

Ski lifts usually run between 8am until 4.30pm, although some areas stay open later until around 9pm.

Getting There

There are two airports close to the ski resort, while the town has a train station that can be easy to access.

UK Airports

The closest resorts to the resort can be reached by various airports across the UK, including London Gatwick, Manchester, Birmingham, Dundee, Leeds, Cardiff and Aberdeen.

Airport Transfers

The two airports closest to the resort are Ostersund Airport in Sweden and Trondheim Airport in Norway.

From Ostersund it can take just over one hour to drive to Åre, while it takes around two hours to drive from Trondheim.

During the winter, there are usually airport transfer options available, which you can book ahead of your trip and take you into the city.  There is also a ski bus that takes you to the ski area, and your SkiPass can act as your ticket, allowing you to ride for free.

They usually arrive and depart at scheduled times through the week and provide an alternative way for you to reach the resort if you don’t want to hire a car.