A well-connected resort with plenty to offer skiers and snowboarders.

Champoluc is part of the Valle d’Aosta town in Italy, and it is also one of the largest resorts in the Monte Rosa ski area.

It has a traditional style, making it a cosy and relaxing place to visit, while also providing stunning views of the surrounding mountain ranges.

Skiers can also access the other ski areas in Monte Rosa through the resort, which includes Alagna and Frachey.

Champoluc Resort

As well as the ski slopes, there are various other aspects that visitors can enjoy such as outdoor and indoor pools, walking trails, snowshoeing, and an ice rink.

There are also various craft shops and Italian restaurants to visit, as well as bars where you can enjoy cocktails and live music when you are looking to take a break from the slopes.

Resort Statistics

Base: 1587 meters
Summit: 2705 meters
No. of Pistes: 29
Total Piste: 70 km
Cross Country: 7 km
Total Lifts: 10
Gondolas/ Cable Cars: 2
Chairlifts: 5
Drag Lifts: 3

Piste Map

Champoluc Piste Map Thumb

Champoluc Ski Areas & Slopes

Our quick guide will show you around the key ski areas around Champoluc, so you’ll know exactly where to go first once you arrive.


The Frachey is one of the main ski areas connected to Champoluc and there are many slopes that are ideal for newer skiers.

Intermediate: If you are a more experience skier then Frachey might not be challenging enough, but if you are starting to progress from the newer slopes then this is a good way to make the next step towards bigger slopes.

Beginners: Frachey offers various slopes suitable for beginners, but it is particularly good if you are looking for longer runs that provide gentle slopes to go down.

Gressoney la Trinite

Gressoney has varied slopes, as well as good options for more experienced skiers who are looking to travel off-piste.

Advanced: There are several slopes that provide steeper declines that are ideal for skiers looking for more of a challenge during their visit. There are also off-piste slopes if you are looking for the freshest powder.

Intermediate: There are thirteen red pistes at Gressoney, making it one of the best areas for skiers looking to take a step up from the beginner slopes.


A small village in Italy that has a traditional feel, with plenty of long slops with good powder, while also providing a large off-piste area.

Intermediate-Advanced: There is a high percentage of red and black pistes, making it a good spot for more experienced skiers who are looking for more challenging slopes. There are also off-piste options for skiers looking to face some new challenges on the slopes and enjoy some quieter routes.

Beginners: There is a beginner area for less-experienced skiers, with several gentle blue pistes to enjoy.

Ski Holidays in Champoluc

Champoluc Ski Pass Prices

One of the benefits of Champoluc is that Ski2 provides the option of having lift passes included within your holiday package, so that you don’t have to worry about it once you arrive at the resort.

Monte Rosa ski passes are available, costing around €98 for a two-day adult pass, while children who are 8-14 years old can get a two day pass for around €71.

A six-day pass costs around €250 for adults, and around €175 for children.

Ski Schools

There are various ski schools that you can attend when visiting the Champoluc resort. Many of them provide options for either skiing or snowboarding, while they also cater towards different abilities, including complete beginners, as well as those who are more experienced and looking to learn some new skills.

There are also options for lessons catered to children, while you can also book either private or group sessions.

Some of the schools at the resort include Ski 2, Champoluc Ski School and Ski Unlimited.

Equipment Hire

When you are hiring ski equipment for your trip, it is often worth booking it ahead of time, as you can save time by securing everything you need before you get there. Some stores also offer at discount if you pre-book your equipment online.

Some of the shops where you can rent your equipment at Champoluc include Ski Set, Ski2, and Snowell.

Family Fun in Champoluc

There are plenty of beginner runs that are accessible at the resort, making it a good location for family skiers who are looking to enjoy slopes that aren’t too challenging and can be enjoyed together.

There are several family-run hotels to choose from, providing affordable accommodation for your trip.

Many of the ski schools at the resort provide lessons specifically for young skiers, including group sessions that create a fun learning environment. There are also nurseries available for the youngest children to be looked after when you head to the slopes.

When to Go?

Snow Report and weather

The quantity of snow at Champoluc is usually quite high, ensuring that there is fresh powder for much of the season. There are usually sunny conditions, providing bright skies and good visibility when going down the slopes.

Operating times

The Champoluc ski resort usually opens either at the end of November or the start of December, depending on the level of snowfall on the mountains. It then stays open until the end of April.

Getting There

There are various airports that you can fly to before transferring to the resort. Some of the nearest airports include Turin, Milan Malpensa, Genova, Chambery, Geneva and Milan Linate.

UK Airports

Various UK airports have regular flights to the areas close to the resort. These include Gatwick, Heathrow, Stansted, Luton, Edinburgh, Bristol, Luton, Dublin, Birmingham and Manchester.

Airport Transfers

From Turin, you can expect it to be about an hour and a half drive, which you can do by hiring a car or getting a taxi. Alternatively, some companies offer a transfer service that takes you directly to the resort from the airport.

From Milan Malpensa it would take around two hours to drive there, while Geneva is a 200km journey that would take around two and a half hours.