About the service

  • What does this service offer?

  • How does it work?

  • Does this service cost me anything?

  • Can more than one person receive the complimentary airport lounge access?

  • How is a delay calculated?

Registering your flight

  • Which flights can I register?

  • When can I register my flight?

  • I’m trying to register, but it keeps failing...

  • What personal information will be captured and stored during registration?

  • If I register myself and a travel companion, can they use a lounge without me?

  • Why can’t I find my flight?

  • Is there an alternative way to register besides the website?

  • Can I change my registration details after registration is complete?

Who is eligible to use this service?

  • Who is eligible?

Cancelling registrations

  • Can I cancel a registration?

Airport experience & lounge vouchers

  • The airport has announced a 1hr+ delay but I have not received my lounge voucher...

  • Under what delay circumstances are lounge vouchers not provided?

  • When am I eligible for the lounge voucher?

  • How will I receive my lounge voucher?

  • How do I find the lounge at the airport?

  • How do I gain access to the lounge at the airport?

  • How can I find out about lounge policies and services?

  • Why was I denied entry to a lounge?

  • What happens if my lounge voucher doesn’t work or is invalid?

  • Why would I not receive an airport lounge voucher, even when I’m entitled to?

  • Are children allowed in the lounge?

  • Can my lounge voucher be re-sent if I accidentally delete the email/attachment?

  • Can more than one person enter a lounge on the same lounge voucher?

  • How do my travel companions get their vouchers?

  • Do I need to register for a child?

  • If a flight is cancelled or rescheduled for the next day, can I still use the benefit?

Receiving your lounge voucher

Limitations & feedback

  • Why can’t I register a flight?

  • Why can’t I register a flight?

  • I am entitled to a lounge voucher, but I haven't received it. Can I still be issued one?

  • Why was I denied entry to a lounge?

  • Why didn't I receive my lounge voucher when my flight was cancelled?

  • How do I provide feedback or complaints?


  • What is AirHelp?

  • How does it work?

  • How do I register?

  • How is the compensation calculated?

  • What information will be shared with AirHelp?

  • How do I find out more?