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We’re pleased and proud to have partnered up with Star Trek Beyond to bring you a prize that’s out of this world.

If you’ve always dreamed of jetting off into space, you’re in the right place – because one lucky person is going to win a four-night stay in Florida, and enrol in the Astronaut Training Experience at NASA’s HQ. It’s the closest you’ll ever get to heading into orbit and discovering all the mysteries of the galaxy – and all from the comfort of your home planet!

It would be highly illogical to miss this opportunity. Make it so – and enter our competition for your chance to discover outer space!

You can find details of how to enter and the epic prizes below.

You can enter the competition via the following routes:

1. obtain and email/save a travel insurance quote from our website;

2. purchase an insurance policy with Columbus Direct; or

3. email your name, email address and contact telephone number to with Star Trek in the subject line; or

4. enter the correct answer on the form provided at Where’s Columbus website at:

Star Trek Prize Details

Travel beyond our Solar System into the dark reaches of deep space at the Kennedy Space Centre, Florida! Uncover the mysteries of the universe at the world famous NASA launch headquarters.

Potential members of ‘Starfleet’ can enrol in the incredible Astronaut Training Experience. Strap into the space shuttle simulator and learn first-hand from a real NASA astronaut, how to execute a high Earth orbit. Rendezvous, dock with and then perform critical repairs on the International Space Station, before landing the shuttle safely back at Kennedy Space Centre!

Each NASA astronaut must prove themselves worthy before travelling into space. Strength, stamina and skill are all put to the test on the Micro-Gravity Wall, the 1/6th Gravity Chair and the Multi-Axis Trainer.
The Micro-Gravity Wall comes complete with harnesses and customized weights. These allow ascent and descent of the wall in an almost effortless state. The 1/6th Gravity Chair prepares you for the astonishing feeling of walking on the moon and the lack of gravity experienced. For the bravest of recruits, there’s the MAT, or Multi-Axis Trainer. This state of the art device randomly spins and twirls its occupant in multiple directions and through 360º revolutions!

Once sufficiently trained, it’s time to put the newly acquired skills to the test. NASA want you space suited and ready for a simulated space shuttle mission, which you’ll work individually and as a team!
Each crew member will be assigned a specific role; mission commander, co-pilot, mission specialist or mission control officer. Based on your assignment, proceed to a full scale mock-up of the space shuttle orbiter, or take the helm in a realistically outfitted mission control room. Specific lines and an exciting script will contribute to the realistic feel of the mission. Its success however, is down to you!

Refuel, as you lunch with a member of NASA’s elite Astronaut Corps. This is a fascinating and unique opportunity to meet one of the few people in the world who has actually been into space!

3, 2, 1... you are go – for Launch Control Centre! Voyage behind the scenes and experience Kennedy Space Centre like no other. Imagine yourself as Launch Director; stand before the consoles from which NASA engineers give their go/no-go for launch. Then travel out to the launch pads and see how NASA are preparing for their next mission into space!


• Return economy flights for 2 adults to Orland from winner’s capital city

• Four night hotel stay in Orlando with breakfast

• Return airport-hotel & event transfers or self-drive hire car

• Kennedy Space Centre two day entry

• Astronaut Training Experience

• Lunch With An Astronaut

• Up Close Launch Control Centre Tour

• Travel insurance


• Begins with a mission briefing and question and answer session with a veteran NASA astronaut.

• Winners take the helm as they practice the skills they’ll need to complete their mission. They’ll learn how to execute a high-Earth orbit to rendezvous, dock with and perform critical repair work on the International Space Station, then land the space shuttle at Kennedy Space Centre.

• To prepare for space flight, winners will be tested on simulators like the Micro-Gravity Wall, Multi-Axis Trainer and 1/6th Gravity Chair.

• Winners then perform a simulated space shuttle mission in which they’ll work individually and as a team.

• Celebrate the success of the mission with a graduation "ceremony."


• Winners will sit down to a delicious buffet meal, and hear from a veteran NASA astronaut about what it’s really like to launch, live and work in space. He or she speaks and shows a personalized presentation, then takes individual questions from winners. Includes the chance to snap a photo with the astronaut.


• Winners go behind the scenes and into NASA’s Launch Control Centre, the control centre for NASA’s space shuttle program and future control centre for the deep space exploration vehicle – the Space Launch system (SLS). Winners go inside the Launch Control Centre and tour Firing Room 4 – the room from which the last twenty one space shuttle missions were launched, including Atlantis’ final flight – STS-135.

Tour will include;

• Launch Control Centre

• Firing Room 4

• Drive by pad 39A (SpaceX) and pad 39B, where NASA is preparing to launch SLS as early as 2018.

• Apollo/Saturn V Centre, the home of one of three remaining Saturn V moon rockets and exhibits dedicated to the Apollo program.

Runners up prizes

In addition to our star prize, we’ve also got a load of exclusive Star Trek goodies to give away including:

• 8 x action cameras

• 12 x wireless headphones

• 2 x levitating speakers

For full terms and condition for the competition, please see the terms and conditions page.

Runners up prizes!

Star Trek Beyond