Stunning mountain views and slopes for all skill levels.

Skiers can enjoy a traditional Italian setting when visiting Bardonecchia, which is located in the Piedmonth region in Italy.

In 2006, the resort was used to host the snowboarding during the Winter Olympics. It has since been recognised for being a good spot for skiers and snowboarders looking to tackle beginner and intermediate slopes during their trip.

There are also freestyle areas and off-piste routes for skiers looking for more challenging runs during their visit.

Bardonecchia Resort

Skiers can enjoy exploring the Piedmont Valley during their visit, which has a history dating back to the Middle Ages. It was also one of the first ski areas in Italy, and it consistently has a high rate of snowfall, making it an ideal spot for skiers looking to try the sport for the first time.

It has various ski areas connected to it, including Colomion-les Arnauds, Melezet and Jafferau. They each offer slopes targeted at all ability levels.

Resort Statistics

Base: 1312 meters
Summit: 2750 meters
No. of Pistes: 37
Total Piste: 100 km
Cross Country: 28 km
Total Lifts: 20
Gondolas/ Cable Cars: 1
Chairlifts: 7
Drag Lifts: 12

Piste Map

Bardonecchia Piste Map Thumb

Bardonecchia Ski Areas & Slopes

Our quick guide will show you around the key ski areas around Bardonecchia, so you’ll know exactly where to go first once you arrive.

Colomion-Les Arnauds

The area provides many of the main facilities, and hosts many of the ski schools.

Intermediate: Many of the slopes at Colomion offer more challenging routes compared to some of the other ski areas, making it a good spot for newer skiers who are hoping to progress from the beginner pistes.

Beginners: There are various lower slopes that can be found at Colomion, with many runs suitable for beginners.


Melezet has a good mix of slopes for different ability levels, and it provides good spots for both skiers and snowboarders.

Intermediate: There are a variety of red and blue runs for more experienced skiers to enjoy, and they offer a good step up if you are looking to progress from the beginner slopes.

Beginners: There are nursery slopes for new skiers looking to step onto the snow for the first time, while some of the beginner slopes can also be a bit hard to traverse.


More difficult slopes can be found at Jafferau if you are a more experienced skier who is looking to face more challenging terrain. It is close to the centre of the resort thanks to a free ski bus and provides stunning views of the natural surroundings.

Advanced: Jafferau has more steep declines and bumpy routes compared to the other ski areas at the resort, providing slightly more difficult pistes. This includes the Olympic Pipe, which was opened during the 2006 Winter Olympics and is 130m long.

Ski Holidays in Bardonecchia

Bardonecchia Ski Pass Prices

The Bardonecchia ski pass is valid for both ski areas at the resort – Colomion and Jafferau, and there are various options to choose when buying your pass, depending on how many days you are planning to ski.

Day passes are €38 for adults, and €32 for children under 16 years old. You can also get 2 consecutive days for €66.

Weekly passes are available at €188 for six consecutive days and €204 for seven consecutive days during low season, while it is €160 for six consecutive days and €173 for seven consecutive days.

Seasonal passes give you access to the ski lifts through that ski season, and prices vary depending on your age and whether you are travelling as a family. A standard adult pass ranges between €600 and €810, while family passes cost between €480 and €700 per person.

Ski Schools

There are various ski schools that you can attend at Bardonecchia ski resort, with lessons available for all ability levels.

Some of the ski schools available include Scuola Di Sci, Liberi Tutti and Nord Ovest. Many of them offer lessons for beginners as well as more experienced skiers and snowboarders, while you can also choose between private or group lessons, and multi-day courses.

Equipment Hire

There are ski and snowboard equipment hire stores across Bardonecchia, and they provide various items including boots and helmets, as well as skis, snowboards and other essentials.

Some of the ski hire shops include Snowspace, Noleggio Chamois and Ski Sport Dain.

Family Fun in Bardonecchia

Bardonecchia has emerged in recent years as a popular resort for families thanks to its affordability and child-friendly services.

It has facilities for younger children, such as play areas and kindergarten, while there are also skiing lessons that are suitable for young kids.

When to Go?

Snow Report and weather

There are regular levels of snowfall at the resort, while temperatures can reach as low as -12 degrees. Despite the cold temperatures, the mountain does get a good amount of sunlight during the winter months.

Operating times

The ski resort usually opens between early December and then stays open until late April, but these times can vary each year depending on various circumstances.

Ski lifts at Bardonecchia usually open between 9am and 5pm each day, but this can change depending on weather conditions and other aspects.

Getting There

Bardonecchia is a well-connected ski resort and it can be reached from various airports include Chambery, Geneva, Milan, and Turin.

UK Airports

Most major UK airports have flights that travel near to Bardonecchia. This include London Gatwick, Heathrow, Stansted, Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Newcastle, Aberdeen and Leeds.

Airport Transfers

Turin airport is around a 50-minute drive from the resort, while it takes around one hour to travel by train.

From Milan Airport it would take around two and a half hours to drive there, while a train journey would take around two hours. Train journeys are also possible from Paris, but this would take around four hours.