Enjoy skiing with the family at one of Norway’s most popular resorts.

Trysil is the largest ski resort in Norway and it has plenty to offer skiers of all levels, with particular appeal to families with young children.

Despite its size, the resort is quieter than other resorts around Europe, giving you room to enjoy the slopes without having to worrying about being crowded.

Trysil Resort

They also offer plenty of trail options for visitors looking to get involved with cross-country skiing. Around the Trysilfjellet area there are around 100km of trails, along with private and group lessons if you are looking to do cross-country skiing for the first time.

There are various other activities to keep you busy if you want to experience something different during your stay, including snowmobiling, dog sledding and sleigh rides.

Resort Statistics

Base: 1100 meters
Summit: 475 meters
No. of Pistes: 67
Total Piste: 71 km
Cross Country: 100 km
Total Lifts: 31
Gondolas/ Cable Cars: 0
Chairlifts: 7
Drag Lifts: 24

Piste Map

Trysil Piste Map Thumb

Trysil Ski Areas & Slopes

Our quick guide will show you around the key ski areas around Trysil, so you’ll know exactly where to head first once you arrive.


This ski area is located high in the mountains, giving you stunning views, while being a beginner-friendly area.

Beginners: There are nursery slopes and green pistes that provide good spots for new skiers to practice, while the are some blue pistes as well once you feel more confident on the snow.


This ski area has some of the steepest slopes in the resort and provides some of the best options for more experienced skiers looking for a challenge during their visit.

Advanced: Skiers can use the resort’s high-speed chair lift to get easy access to the ski area. It includes the steepest slope in the resort – no.75.


This ski area can be found in the southern part of the resort.

Intermediate: The wide slopes are also a good spot for more experienced skiers to step out onto the snow, offering space to ski at your preferred pace.

Beginners: There are several wide ski slopes, which makes them ideal for new skiers as you have more space without having to worry about clashing with others nearby. There are also snow parks and a ski area specifically for children.


This is one of the best spots to head to if you want to enjoy the sun during your trip, while there are also restaurants and a wide range of slopes to choose from.

Intermediate-Advanced: The are red piste slopes at Skihytta that provide a step up from the beginner slopes if you are looking for steeper and narrower declines.

Beginners: New skiers can find several blue pistes at the resort, that are groomed and provide less challenging slopes for your first trips onto the snow.

Ski Holidays in Trysil

Trysil Ski Pass Prices

Prices can vary for ski passes at Trysil resort, depending on when you are travelling and how many days you want the pass for.

An adult ski pass is set to cost around £231 for six days during low season, while high season is priced slightly higher at £235, but this price can vary depending on the time of year and who you are ordering your passes through.

A child ski pass costs around £185 for six days during low season, while high season is around £189.

Ski Schools

There are various ski schools on offer at the resort, offering opportunities for adults and children to develop their ski skills. If you are looking to learn snowboarding or cross-country skiing that is also on offer at the resort.

There are group and private lessons to choose from, depending how you want to learn, while you can also find lessons catered for different abilities, whether you are looking to step onto the snow for the first time or want to improve your current skill levels.

Equipment Hire

There are several stores to hire ski equipment for your trip, and in many cases,  it is worth booking them ahead of your trip so that you secure everything you need. Some stores also offer a discounted price if you pre-book online.

Skistar also gives you the option of getting multi-rental, which gives you the chance to change your equipment during your trip, so that you can try different ski models or even have a try at snowboarding if you want to enjoy a different experience.

Family Fun in Trysil

Trysil is considered to be one of the best resorts in Norway for family skiers. It has plenty of child-friendly facilities and there is entertainment and activities to keep children entertained. The resort also has its own mascot – Valle the Snowman, who hosts various activities throughout the day.

The ski area also holds family weeks at certain points during the season, aimed specifically at providing an even more accessible experience for families to visit the resort. This can include cheaper ski lessons and ski hire for children, as well as more activities to keep kids busy during the trip.

When to Go?

Snow Report and weather

The resort has quite a long ski season thanks to its high levels of snowfall, which means that it can sometimes open earlier than usual in November. There are also more than 500 snow cannons at the resort, which makes it easy to add to the snow when needed. It’s location in Norway also means that it can sometimes be a bit colder than other resorts.

Operating times

The ski resort opens from around mid-December and stays open until the end of April each year.

The Ski areas are usually open between 9am and 4.40pm each day, but there is also night skiing available until 8pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Getting There

UK Airports

Various major UK airports have flights close to Trysil ski resort, including London Gatwick, Heathrow and Stansted, as well as Manchester, Birmingham and Aberdeen.

Airport Transfers

The nearest airports to the resort include Oslo-Gardermoen in Norway, as well as Scandinavian Mountains Airport and Stockholm Airport in Sweden.

The Oslo-Gardermoen Airport takes around two hours to drive to the resort, while the new Scandinavian Mountains airport has a shuttle bus that takes you directly there in around 40 minutes.

From Stockholm Arlanda Airport, you could travel on to Mora Airport or Gardemoen Airport, then use one of the bus services to complete your journey to Trysil.