By Emma Trill on 23 October 2017

It's not every day that you should have to think about what your plan would be should it turn all Walking Dead on us, but sometimes it is good to have a little idea about how you would survive.

There has been a huge amount of zombie-related TV and film which you may want to look back on to assist in your time of need, but remember they don't always go to plan!

If you're unlucky enough to be in the area that the epidemic started, then you literally have no time to prepare, which is the worst case scenario - basically, we hope that you're ready to flee.

Keep your dog close - Some people may think in a crisis such as this, you should focus on your own survival, so don't bother to bring the family pet along with them. Wrong. Fido and Rex will be able to sense and hear things that humans can't, causing them to react by barking or acting in a strange way through fear or apprehension.

Run to the hills - Very Iron Maiden-esque, but this is definitely recommended if the threat posed to you in your current location is big. Cities have a more dense population which obviously creates a larger risk to bumping into the infected, and it's definitely easier to pass round germs and disease. Try not to come in to contact with anyone you don't know, and keep your hands away from dirty surfaces. While running to a less populated area will give you an upper hand at first, you need to remember you're leaving familiar territory. Try to go someone rural that you recognise. 

Grab your mates - Being in a group will increase your mental capacity, thinking levels, decision making and you'll have other people to back you up. Take it in turns to do watch while others are resting. Remember, teamwork makes the dream work.

Stock up on supplies - If you're in a hurry, it probably won't be your first thought, but you should try to collect as much supplies as you can while you have them readily available. Once you get out to the big, bad world, you won't know where is safe, so it's good to have those initial supplies to hand.

So now you're pretty ready with the essential first moves in a zombie apocalypse, remember to keep on your toes and your eyes peeled to stay one step ahead...

...and back to reality! How many of these tips do they follow on The Walking Dead?

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