By Franco Lucchetti on 03 August 2019

The romance of travelling to other countries is enough to send most people into a daydream. If you often find yourself sinking into a reverie about jetting off to foreign shores, we’ve got a suitcase full of inspiration for you.

Our new study reveals the most popular cities in the world - two of which are in Thailand. The other three are in Europe. The study calculates the number of visitors a city receives per square mile; so expect crowds.

But what is it about these world-class tourist destinations that give people the yearning to pack their bags and get on a flight?

Phuket, Thailand

The emergence of Phuket as the most visited city in the world per square mile reflects the rise in numbers of visitors from all over the world flocking to Thailand to experience this stunning natural paradise. Blessed with tropical white-sand beaches, turquoise waters, exquisite cuisine and a lively nightlife, Phuket is the perfect destination for holiday makers that want to escape city life, bathe in the sun and have lots of fun!

Pattaya, Thailand

Pattaya is Thailand’s largest beach resort. Although famed for its vibrant nightlife, delicious cuisines and soft-sand beaches, the coastal resort also boasts an abundance of attractions for visitors.

Cultural tours include a visit to the majestic Wat Phra Yai. Alternatively, why not explore the countryside vineyards around Silver Lake. Families will also find plenty of fun things to do in Pattaya such as the Ramayana water park, crocodile farm and the Khao Kheow open zoo.

Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Mallorca has been recognised as the jewel of the Balearics for many years. Palma, the island’s vibrant capital is the most visited city in Europe per square mile and offers something for everyone. Since the opening of the San Juan gastronomic market, food tours have been added to its impressive list of attractions.

The city’s crowning glory is the majestic Gothic cathedral which dominates the coastline. Explore the medieval streets and you will be seduced by the contrasting architecture, quirky cafes, and stylish boutiques. Art lovers will not be disappointed by the Es Baluard Museum of Contemporary Art and the array of small galleries championing the local art scene.

Paris, France

An abundance of iconic landmarks, a reputation for mouth-watering cuisine and penchant for patisseries ensures Paris continues to have a spellbinding lure for travellers.

Paris receives some 47,781 visitors a day, making it the third most visited city in the world, the city’s wealth of history and romantic appeal is evident at the turn of every cobblestoned corner. As if the city itself doesn’t have enough appeal for families, a trip to Disneyland represents a bonus feature in a city that offers endless opportunities.

Barcelona, Spain

A pleasant climate, awe-inspiring architecture and a bohemian lifestyle have elevated Barcelona to one of the most visited cities in Europe. Few cities in the world that boast such diversity. The coastal resort has the makings of a beach destination with all the trappings of a city break thrown in.

The controversial - yet appealing - modernist masterpieces as Antoni Gaudi are a premium draw, capped by the magnificent Sagrada Familia, one of the must-see cathedrals in the world. With the presence of renowned Spanish artists, Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali in evidence as well, there is little wonder that Barcelona is at the cutting edge of tourism.

Which most popular city in the world is on your bucket list? Check out our list and find out why you should consider these top-class destinations for your next adventure.

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