Aria no longer offer motor breakdown assistance or travel insurance policies, If you have a current policy with Aria, don’t worry, your cover will continue unaffected until the policy end date.

All claims and assistance are now administered by Intana. Please see the following page for more information on how to contact them.

Motor Breakdown

We’re happy to let you know that when you renew your motor breakdown policy, it will be provided and administered by our sister company Columbus Direct and claims and assistance will be administered by Intana, a trading name of Collinson Insurance Services Ltd.

To find out more about your existing Aria Assistance motor breakdown policy or to renew please click here.

Travel Insurance

If you’re looking for unbeatable travel insurance, we have some good news for you. Aria Assistance customers are eligible for a special discount. You can still expect the same great value for money and brilliant customer services that you experienced before. Put simply, you’re in capable hands that know the travel industry inside out.

Find out more and get your discount code on this page.

About Columbus Direct

Want to know more about Columbus Direct? Well we’ve been going over 25 years and we’ve got a history of providing fantastic value and first class customer service. We’re confident that you’ll love the service we’ll provide.