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Travel Insurance for Greece

Looking for a holiday in Greece? You won’t be the only one. Every year around 2.5 million British tourists head to one of the many Greek islands for holidays packed with culture, history and brilliant beaches. The most important immediate decision may be which of the 227 inhabited islands to visit, but there are other things to consider before getting your suitcase out and crossing off the days on your calendar. 

Whether you are heading to Athens for a history packed long weekend, following the celebrity trail to Mykonos, or just putting your feet up on one of Crete’s many beaches, make sure to take note of the below so that you can enjoy a stress-free trip.

Do I need travel insurance for Greece?

Travel insurance is essential for any trip as it covers everything from lost baggage, to medical problems, to theft. As soon as you book your holiday you should take out a travel insurance policy, if you don’t already have an annual one, as it covers you for any delays or cancellations in your arrangements. As most claims on travel insurance policies are made before someone even gets on a plane, it is essential to have cover in place when you book, rather than as you jet off. In the last couple of years flights to Greece have been be cancelled because of air traffic control strikes, routes being removed by operators and weather issues.

Cover for travel arrangements 

Most of the time flights take off as scheduled and holidaymakers reach their destination stress free. Sometimes, however, airlines experience delays and cancellations and holiday departures or return journeys don’t quite go as planned. Most insurers will provide some cover for delayed departure or cancelled flights so check this before taking out a policy. Columbus Direct provides cover for missed departure, compensation if your holiday is unexpectedly cancelled or cut short and free airport lounge access if your flight is delayed for one hour or more.1




Lost baggage 

Does your suitcase being one of the last to appear cause your blood pressure to rise once you’re off the plane? Luckily, we are usually reunited with our luggage quickly and easily after a flight but sometimes, inevitably, luggage will be lost or delayed reaching us. With Columbus Direct you are covered if something happens to your luggage so you don’t have to use your hard earned spending money to replace all your items. Check what your policy covers before buying it though, as you don’t want to be stuck without luggage 2

What are the risk of travelling to Greece?

Greece is a fairly low risk holiday destination but there are some things holiday makers should be aware of outlined on the UK government website

Greece can experience earthquakes and earth tremors, so any holidaymaker should familiarise themselves with safety procedures in the event of an earthquake and follow advice given by local authorities. An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.7 occurred off the cost of Kos in July 2017. 

Forest fires often occur during the summer months across Greece due to the dry and hot weather. Forest fires are dangerous and unpredictable and anyone driving through woodland areas should take particular care. Tourists should ensure cigarette ends are properly extinguished and avoid having barbecues. 




Medical issues while in Greece

The Greek National Health Service has a reciprocal agreement with the British National Health Service so you should get a free European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) before leaving the UK. The EHIC entitles you to state provided medical treatment that may become necessary during your trip, so any treatment provided is on the same terms as Greek nationals. 

Remember that while treatment and facilities are generally good on the mainland, they may be limited on the islands. While pharmacies across the country stock a good supply of medicines you should make sure you have sufficient medical supplies for the duration of your stay and any unforeseen delays. 

If you need emergency medical assistance during your trip, call 112 or 166 and ask for an ambulance. 

Given that any free medical treatment doesn’t include transport home, travel insurance is still essential so check that your travel insurance policy covers emergency transport home. 

What to do if something happens while I'm in Greece

If you need emergency assistance when in Greece call the main European emergency number 112. The other national emergency numbers used in Greece are 100 for police, 199 for the fire brigade and 166 for emergency medical assistance. If you are in Greece and need urgent help you can contact the British embassy in Athens on +30 210 7272 600 link here  

Travel with confidence with Columbus Direct

With 30 over 25 years of experience, we know what you need from your travel insurance. You can travel with peace of mind, knowing we’re here for you and your family with cover for everything from lost baggage and flight delays, to stolen items and medical bills while you are on holiday 3






Terms and Conditions apply

(1)Policyholder needs to register their flight for free airport lounge access in the event of a delay of one hour or more. All accompanying members must be named on the policy to gain lounge access. View terms and conditions here

(2) Available with silver and gold policy only

(3) Cover for baggage and personal property available with silver and gold policy only