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Columbus Direct USA

As a result of recent licensing changes in the US, Columbus Direct is no longer able to offer policies to US residents. We are looking into both short and longer term solutions for our customers, so please do check back at a later date.

If you're an existing customer and need to get in touch with us in relation to your policy, please visit out Contact Us page for contact details.

If you are looking to buy a new travel insurance policy, then our product provider, Travel Guard, are able to offer policies to US residents - please click this link in order to get a quote:


Contact Us

If you have any questions or if you would like to buy a plan over the
phone, the customer service team will be delighted to help you. Please
mention Columbus when calling.

- 1.800.826.1300
- 1.715.345.0505


Emergency Assistance

If you are a US resident and you need assistance, please use the following telephone number for worldwide assistance:

- 1.800.825.1300
- 1.715.345.050 (collect call)


If you would like to file a claim, please contact:

- 1.800.826.1300 Available Monday - Friday 7am to 7pm CST

You will receive a customized claim form that you can submit. Instructions on how to submit your claim and what documents to attach are included. For more useful information and tips about filing a claim, click here.