By Dale Western on 19 July 2016

Holiday booking company Lowcosttravelgroup Ltd. (,, Lowcostbeds) has gone into administration. The company ceased trading on 15th July 2016.

In statement on the Lowcosttravelgroup website the company says: "We deeply regret to announce that the lowcosttravelgroup ceased to trade on 15 July 2016, following exhaustive attempts by the group's directors to rescue the group." It also blamed "a recent and ongoing turbulent financial environment".

Please find below, some useful information for policy holders.

I have rescheduled my travel arrangements; can I transfer my insurance to my new travel arrangements?

Yes you can. Provided there is no impact on the travel insurance policy premium, we will not charge an administration cost for any amendments. If there is a change that alters the premium due to a change in destination or duration, we will adjust the cost of the policy and either refund any monies due or make a charge for the additional premium.

I have received a refund for my holiday so can I cancel my insurance and have a refund?

If the policy is a Single Trip policy then a full refund will be offered but we cannot offer policy refunds for Annual Multi-Trip policyholders.

I am on holiday, which was arranged by Low Cost Holidays – The hotel are saying that we need to pay them, can I claim for this on my travel insurance?

You can visit and there is helpful information regarding who to contact. Unfortunately your travel insurance policy is unable to cover you for funds not received by your hotel due to the Lowcosttravelgroup entering administration.

I have booked my holiday with Low Cost Holidays? Can I claim for cancellation of my holiday?

Unfortunately your travel insurance policy does not cover you if your booking company or travel agent ceases to trade.

I am due to go on holiday which was arranged by Low Cost Holidays – I am unsure if I have to pay again, what should we do?

Lowcostholidays are advising that your payment to the airlines should have already been made If you are in receipt of your flight tickets from the airline. You should therefore be able to check-in and travel as normal. If you have not received your flight confirmation details, you should contact the airline directly to determine the status of your flight reservation.

I have to pay for costs and services which I had already paid for – where can I claim this money back?

Unfortunately your travel insurance policy does not cover you to reclaim these costs. More information about how to recover your costs can be obtained by visiting

I have End Supplier Failure cover on my policy, can I claim under this section?

Unfortunately this cover is not available as it only applies to independently booked trips and only refers to failure of the following;

  • Scheduled airline
  • Hotel providers including short holiday let accommodation
  • Train operators
  • Coach operators
  • Car hire operators
  • Ferry operators

Useful Information

  • If you have booked hotel accommodation and/or flights through Lowcostholidays, you can log a claim with
  • Contact Govern de les illes Balears ( who is the regulator of the Spanish Travel Agency
  • If you have paid for your travel arrangements with a credit card then you should contact your card issuer for services not received.
  • Lowcostholidays Spain is also licenced by the Irish Commission for Aviation Regulation and the Commission holds an insurance bond for the refund and repatriation of Irish customers of the company. All customers of the company who are eligible to make a claim (having booked travel or a package including travel which originated in Ireland) should be directed to the Commission in order to begin the claims process.
  • FCO Advice -

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