By Dale Western on 27 October 2011

Britain’s Foreign Office yesterday (Wednesday 26th October) warned against all but essential travel to Bangkok after the worst flood crises for nearly 60 years is set to worsen.

Run off water from Thailand’s flooded central plains is heading for the capital and mixed with seasonal high tides will mean flooding for further parts of the city.

Don Muang Airport has been forced to shut after its runways were flooded. The airport was providing shelter for local residents forced from their homes however now the citizens are being moved on, whilst the Food Relief Operation Centre which was set up on 2nd floor will remain open, Government sources claim.

Bangkok's largest airport, Suvarnabhumi, is unaffected by floods and remains open and operational although flights were said to be full.

Many citizens are heading for southern and eastern coastal towns that have avoided flooding, and millions of City dwellers are preparing with sandbags and in some cases erecting sealed cement barriers across shop fronts and rationing on essential supplies to combat stockpiling.

The flooding is a result of unusually heavy seasonal rains across the country since July.

Further to the floods in Thailand, please note that Travel Delay and Abandonment is covered as a result of adverse weather conditions as well as Missed Departure as per the normal terms and conditions.

Under Missed Departure, we would advise customers to try to get to the airport on their return journey, however, claims will be considered up to the limits of Missed Departure for claims due to public transport delay / own car, or roads being blocked / flooded in order to book a new flight home.

Insured customers must be in the affected area of flooding and news reports must be checked for areas affected for cover to be affective.

Any customers who purchased their policies after Tuesday 25th October  2011, 11.00am GMT will not be covered under the policy.

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