By Dale Western on 27 October 2011

Columbus Direct has won the highest star rating for international travel insurance in an extensive 2011 travel insurance survey by independent ratings agency, CANSTAR CANNEX.


CANSTAR CANNEX says the award acknowledges Columbus Direct’s outstanding value in the international travel insurance category based on a combination of both product and price.

In its research CANSTAR CANNEX compared and rated 42 travel insurance brands and 233 policies.

What are the CANSTAR CANNEX travel insurance star ratings?

CANSTAR CANNEX travel insurance star ratings is a sophisticated rating methodology, unique to CANSTAR CANNEX, that compares the dominant travel insurance products in Australia.

The results are reflected in a consumer-friendly 5-star concept, with 5 stars signifying outstanding value offered by the product.

 How are the ‘stars’ calculated?

Each travel insurance product reviewed for the CANSTAR CANNEX travel insurance star ratings is awarded points for its comparative Pricing and for the array of positive Features attached to the product. Points are aggregated to achieve a Pricing score and a Features score.

View the full Canstar Cannex report here.

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