By Dale Western on 22 December 2014

Most of us would give up on lost luggage if a few weeks went by with no word - so imagine one passenger's surprise when she was reunited with her lost suitcase two decades later.

Maria Dellos, an art shop owner from Arizona, was called by a Transportation Security Administration agent who told her that her bag, which had been missing since 1994, had been recovered.

The suitcase contained art supplies from a trade show in Las Vegas and a recent reorganisation at Tucson International Airport unearthed the bag. It was even found with a handwritten note, also from 1994.

"When I looked at this note, I was just absolutely blown away," Dellos said.

"I'm absolutely thankful to the TSA for calling me today and giving me great faith back into the airline industry."

Luckily, if you're covered with us, you don't need to wait 20 years to make a claim if you lose your baggage. All you need is confirmation from your airline that your bag(s) have been lost and that they are unable to find them.

With technology improving, the number of baggage losses has been dropping in recent years but it can still happen occasionally.

We cover loss, theft or damage to your baggage and personal belongings, although, when checking in suitcases you should be aware that laptops, jewelery and other valuables won't be covered. Your policy documents will list any things that should be kept with you on the plane.

We'll also provide an allowance to purchase essential items if your checked-in baggage is delayed for a certain period of time.

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