By Ferdi Burger on 03 October 2013

The scratching of the dog wakes me up. I move slowly so as not to wake Suz and see the clock says 6:05am. I walk into the lounge, straight to the window and open the blinds in one smooth movement. A bright British day pours in. Looking at the trees I can see they are frantically waving at me.

A shower, some cereal and the wife and kids are up. While they get ready for school I go online to find out who’s heading out today.  Kisses all round and they back down the drive. Standing outside, the wind whips my hair. Blustery winds like this dictate the eight metre, or five? I walk past and my VW T5 van and give it a slap, it has the 11 metre in it. I’ll swap it before I leave.

I check the interest in the Brazil trip in two months. Yep, the last spot is taken (cue big smile). With 12 people it’s a perfectly sized crew, dynamic yet nimble enough for ******* different spots all along the North East coast. I laugh; the guy who only just started training two weeks ago has paid to come. His last hobby was star gazing.

There’s a group student lesson this afternoon when the wind generally picks up. Kids already know the basics of ***********, you’ve got to be safe, you’ve got to be learning (insert awesome big air here), and you’ve got to have fun.

Life is not just about a wine in the evening – it’s about getting busy living!


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