By Abby Foulkes on 05 March 2018

We’re turning the corner on the first quarter of this (still) New Year. It’s a time when the memories of the Christmas holidays have receded enough to leave only the leftover bills to pay and most noses are firmly kept close to the grindstones of a busy work life. Oh, and more than likely, most people have busted their New Year’s resolutions by now. While it might be nearing summertime’s end south of the equator, the coming changes will be most welcome up north, where dark, damp and dreary describe the mood in the trilogy of weather tales. But snow can be quite lovely too, no?

As we move ahead towards the northern spring, the month of March signals the big changes to come both on the calendar and in our activities. March Break (or Spring Break) is the big travel time for many students as well as teachers. With school out, travel to beach and ski destinations picks up, and so do the airfares to the most popular places.

If Europe’s your destination of choice, you can click through the 25 best European city breaks for this coming spring. Even if it’s too late for this year, this should give you some good ideas for any time of year. Remember, if you’re not into crowds, you might want to think – and head – in the opposite direction from everyone else. For that, there’s a whole other (half) world to explore. The southern hemisphere offers great outdoor adventures and plenty of room to lose a few of those crowds if you time things right.

One thing you can’t overlook is that March is the month that leads up to Easter. While the Christian holiday is a day of celebration, the weeks leading up to it are somewhat more subdued, represented by a time of self-reflection and sacrifice. This year, Easter Sunday falls on the first day of April which happens to be April Fools’ Day for many a prankster, which should make for an interesting manifestation of both celebrations, as if bunnies, eggs and everlasting life weren’t enough of a mash up. For the truly devoted, celebrations of Easter can be witnessed all over the world and the festivities weave a fascinating tapestry of traditions, colours, fireworks, food and more. There is a lot to celebrate as we await the changing of the seasons and this brings a time of renewal for many of people around the world. Not only will barren lands begin to turn green up north, but a spiritual rebirth will again symbolise this time of year. March, as the name implies, is a time for movement – forward movement. Whether it be an escape from winter doldrums, or an inner sense of rejuvenation, the feeling of anticipation for something new is everywhere.

Speaking of time and motion, remember that Daylight Savings Time (DST) occurs in March. This means you have to “spring ahead” and move your clocks forward one hour. You might lose a little sleep but at least you won’t miss your flight if you’re heading somewhere fun. The beginning of DST is March 11 for most of North America and the Caribbean, and March 25 for most of Europe, where observed. Make time for change this spring, even if all you wind up changing is the time on the clock. March is the yearly junction we come upon which encourages us to turn a page and embrace the new.

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