By Daniel Mackrell on 11 February 2020

Many cities, particularly within Europe, are known for their romantic settings. Whether it is the beautiful scenery or the quiet, secluded feel of the area. A lot of us choose these cities to whisk away our partner during Valentine’s Day.

Some even take it a step further and choose their trip with the intention of proposing during the holiday.

If you’ve already decided on a ring and now want to find the perfect destination to get on one knee, then here is a helpful list of some of the best cities to make your proposal one to remember.

Paris, France

Bridge at night in Paris, France

Known for being one of the most romantic cities in the world, it’s no surprise that the French capital has made it onto the list.

The high-quality restaurants and red wine make it the ideal spot to go for enjoyable meal before you ask the question. If you want to go to one of the more established eateries, it is best to reserve your table ahead of time.

You can then take a stroll along the Seine river or take a sunset cruise that can take you to popular spots like the Louvre or the Notre-Dame Cathedral.

There are also stunning parks and gardens to explore during your trip, while The Wall of Love is another popular spot for couples to visit. The mural features the words ‘I Love You’ written in 250 different languages and dialects.

The Eiffel Tower is another obvious spot to visit, and it has been home to many proposals over the years. It provides amazing views of the city, and the addition of the night sky can make it a perfect romantic location to propose.

Venice, Italy

Gondola point of view in front of a bridge on canal in Venice, Italy

Venice is another city known for its romantic appeal, mostly because of the many canals and the gondola rides that you can ride through them. It’s a bucket list experience for many people, and the stunning surroundings of the city buildings could provide the perfect opportunity for you to propose.

You can also enjoy stunning views of the Grand Canal from many of the bridges around Venice, while you can also get boat rides to many of the different islands. The Rialto Bridge is the oldest one in the city and it provides stunning views of the water and surrounding buildings. It is a popular spot for tourists and could be the perfect place to get on one knee after a five-star meal and a stroll along the canal.

If you are keen to do something different during your visit, then attending a masquerade ball might be the ideal experience for you and your partner. A Venice Masquerade Ball takes place near the end of February each year as part of the annual Venice Carnival. However, there are plenty of other balls that are held throughout the year, giving you a chance to dress up and enjoy an event that you’re unlikely to forget.

Prague, Czech Republic

The tops of buildings in Prague, Czech Republic

Prague’s Old Town Square forms the historic backbone of the city and it is full of stunning architecture such as Gothic churches and the Vysehrad Castle.

The city also has many top restaurants to visit if you want to enjoy a fancy dining experience. This includes meals by the river or on a hill overlooking Prague. There are also cruise dinners and entertainment packages that let you enjoy a meal and opera performance.

For romantics looking for a cheaper trip, this is also one of the more affordable locations on the list. It ranked as the best-priced European city in our recent study of the cheapest cities to explore in 24 hours. The research looked at various aspects including free attractions, the number of cheap east and the cost of a beer.

Kyoto, Japan

View of trees and city during sunrise in Kyoto, Japan

There are many romantic spots to visit if you visit Kyoto, and many of them would be perfect for a proposal. The Moon Crossing Bridge provides a beautiful backdrop, while the calming Katsura River makes it a nice place to relax and take a step away from the stresses of the world.

If that’s not enough to convince, Kyoto even has a scenic train ride that’s known as the Sagano Romantic Train. It is ideal for sightseers, offering stunning views of the Hozugawa River and the surrounding forestry. The trains have an old, nostalgic style that will appeal to any romantic. The bad news is that they don’t usually open until the end of February, but it could be a great late valentine’s treat for you and your partner.

If you’re looking for more privacy when you ask the question, you could hire a private boat and then travel along the Hozu River in Arashiyama.

Bruges, Belgium

View of lake and buildings at night in Bruges, Belgium

There are many romantic spots that can be found in the Belgian city, such as the Minnewater Bridge which is known as the ‘Lover bridge’ and overlooks the Lake of Love. It forms a quiet, tranquil spot and it is said that you form eternal love if you walk over the bridge and kiss your partner. This could be the perfect location to cement your relationship by becoming engaged.

Another option is the Bonifacious Bridge, which is also know for its picturesque setting. It is near the Gruuthuse Palace and includes a bench that offers a great view of the swans and boats that pass nearby.

The Jan Van Eyckplein square is another beautiful spot in the city, and the cobbled streets are home to many old buildings and they are just a short walk from the nearby canal.

The city of Bruges is particularly beautiful during the autumn and winter months, where the natural surroundings light up with colour and vibrance.

If you want to make the most of Belgium’s famous variety of beer, you are spoilt for choice wherever you go. The Café Rose Red in particular has a reputation for being a perfect spot for beer fans. It is an intimate spot where you might want to go to celebrate your engagement, or you could even use it as the setting to ask the question.

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